Louis Prima: When You’re Smiling

Just a little something to brighten up your day. Oh how fun it must have been to be at one of the shows of Louis Prima and Keely Smith.

In case you are wondering why Keely Smith looked so unamused, I have been told it is entirely an act (strange as it might seem in this present day society) – with (what some describe to be) a deadpan face on, Smith was the “straight man” to Prima’s antics.

-The Fine Duchess

Louis Prima television appearance featuring Keely Smith, Sam Butera and The Witnesses.


4 thoughts on “Louis Prima: When You’re Smiling

  1. Now you’re talking! Louis Prima, the voice of the ape singing in ‘The Jungle Book’. “Oobedoo- I wanna be like you…” Try some Perez Prado too, King of Mambo. Regards from England, Pete.

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