Imogen Cunningham

On this day, we celebrate the birthday of Imogen Cunningham, American photographer. Most well known for her botanical photography, nudes and industrial landscapes, I instead find myself more drawn to her works of musicians and artists (which might easily be explained by the fact that I come from a family of artists myself). Towards the late 1920s, Imogen turned from plant  to human form and became particularly fascinated with hands. This fascination can be seen as she intricately captured musicians wielding their instruments and sculptors embracing their work.


Perhaps it is time for me to take a journey and explore the talent that resides in my own little city. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

– The Fine Duchess

All images are from the Imogen Cunningham Trust: 1 Calla | 2 Gerald Warburg | 3 Darius Milhaud | 4 Henry Cowell performing his innovative “tone clusters”


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