Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend


Whilst spring is a-coming in so many lands, autumn has only truly begun in this little city. Tomorrow promises another street festival, perhaps one of the last as the days get shorter and the chill sets in.

Hope everyone has a chance to slow down and relax this weekend.

Music: the beautiful and sultry voice of Melody Gardot

Humor: Bic pens for women. Really? I guess it’s not something you see everyday

Food: So excited to dine here soon.

Travel: never realised that places like this existed – so unique

Drink up: the Duke is a big fan of the Dark and Stormy

Paper: did you ever play with this type of doll when you were young? Your sister perhaps?

Home: if you are in the mood for some cleaning and organising, try this

-The Fine Duchess

Image via wolf-fairy-wings


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