Cantina 663

2013-04-24 09.08.39

…have always been a big fan of Cantina 663 since my days at WAAPA. I first came to know of this fine establishment late one evening after a choir rehearsal, almost four years ago. Rather than return home, a group of us decided to grab some dessert around the corner at Cantina. I still remember my first meal: hot chocolate with the sample of their housemade icecream.

This quaint little restaurant, tucked in the Astor Arcade has since been a favourite of the Duke and I for a while now and is always the perfect place for a luxurious breakfast with a dear friend…


Yesterday was the birthday of my dear friend, C, so today I took her out for a cosy breakfast at Cantina.

After promptly taking our orders for drinks, C chose the big breakfast (Mamas scrambled eggs, mushrooms, bacon, chipolatas, and beans)…


…whilst I chose the chicken and bacon terrine with slow egg, served with apple-hazelnut-herb salad.


After the meal, I opted for a refreshing (and freshly juiced) apple juice.

All in all, it was a delightful morning to celebrate the ten years that C and I have been the closest of friends.

Hope you have a day filled with the company of loved ones.


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