Barista Parlor


For those who love coffee (and when I say love, boy, do I mean it), the Barista Parlor in Nashville Tennessee is the place to be. With a unique set up and seven of the best roasters in the world, one would say that Andy Mumma (owner) really has outdone himself. Quite the coffee enthusiast myself, I am left breathless as I can only envision one day being able to work in such an establishment.

Barista_Parlor01.1_800Barista_Parlor03_800  Barista_Parlor06_800 Barista_Parlor04_800

Barista_Parlor07_800 Barista_Parlor11_800 Barista_Parlor12_800

For more information, visit their site here or read an interview with owner Andy Mumma here (scroll through the images to find the interview at the end).

-The Fine Duchess

All images by Jennifer Causey via The Makers


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