Margaret River Day 1


…a hot cup of coffee and an array of pastries to choose from is sure to be a good start to a holiday.

After a delicious breakfast, the Duke and I set off in search of The Grove Liqueur Factory. Doesn’t the name sound so enticing?


First up was a tasting of the shiraz, followed by the rich muscats. Oh, the muscats. They were quite the treat. We began with the five year old muscat, which was so smooth and aromatic. The 10 year old muscat was described as Christmas in a glass, whilst the twenty year old muscat was like liquid gold. The knowledgeable lady that took us through the tastings mentioned that despite being called the twenty year old muscat, it was more like a fifty year old muscat as one can only declare the youngest grape.

The Duke then went on to sample the wide array of liqueurs (descriptions provided by The Grove Liqueur Factory):

1. Raspberry: the raspberries are macerated in blended spirits for some time to extract as much flavour and colour as possible. Serving suggestion – mix with white chocolate liqueur or use in Champagne cocktails.

2. Turkish Delight: a blend of rose water and our fabulous Milk Chocolate liqueur. Uncle Cadbury, eat your heart out! {This liqueur was so thick thick and smooth – perfect with some ice cream)

3. Butterscotch: OMG {I’m serious, that was all that was written for the description}


TheGroveLiqueurFactory5 TheGroveLiqueurFactory6


After the Grove, we ventured down to the Bootleg Brewery, situated on a beautiful land with an array of tall pines and a calm, peaceful lake. There, the Duke sampled a selection of the beers brewed on site.


To finish off our day, we headed towards the coast to Gnarabar for a lovely dinner. A review and pictures from our dinner will be coming soon can be found here.


Hope you had a chance to find some time for yourself this week.

-The Fine Duchess


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