Pomegranate, Apple and Lime Fizz


Serves 8


3 limes | 1 small Granny smith apple | 1L of pomegranate juice (chilled) | half cup small mint leaves | ice cubes (to serve) | 1.25L lemonade (chilled)

Juice 2 limes. Pour juice into a large jug.

Cut apple into quarters and remove core. Thinly slice and add to lime juice mixture.

Add pomegranate juice and mint, and stir to combine. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Add a few ice cubes to each serving glass. Pour pomegranate mixture among glasses. Top up with lemonade. Serve.

Recipe courtesy of Australia Vogue Living – April 2013


3 thoughts on “Pomegranate, Apple and Lime Fizz

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