Margaret River Day 3


After a flurry of activity to prepare our rooms for checkout, the Duke and I headed down to Morries Anytime for our 9.00am booking. Upon arriving, Morries was really packed with regulars as well as wanderers, such as ourselves, all eager for a good meal to begin a brand new day. Though the service was a bit lacking, it is completely understandable since they were truly busy; besides, the Duke and I were perfectly content as we were. On other times that I’ve been there, I know for sure that the service is more than outstanding. (Click here to see the review of Morries)

With our appetites satisfied, we decided that though we were heading home, we would pop into the galleries that were on the way. First up, was the Dilkes-Hoffman Gallery, set amongst the vast trees on the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge. After perusing the beautiful glazed ceramics featured in their showroom, we settled on two bottles (perfect for the Duke’s sake) and a small dish for me.

2013-05-01 17.15.44

Next stop: Boranup Gallery. I must say, I was very pleased that the Duke wanted to stop in here as there are so many pieces of artwork that I absolutely fell in love with…


Title: Appreciation of All | Artist: Michael Commerford | Medium: Graphite, oils, woodstain on Gessoed canvas


Title: Lavender in White Dish | Artist: Nellie Crawford | Medium: Oil on canvas


Title: Reliant | Artist: Tamorin Lavers | Medium : Ink and water colour on paper

By the time we left the gallery, it was well after noon so we decided to begin our journey back to Perth. And so ends our wonderful getaway to the fine region of Margaret River.

-The Fine Duchess

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |


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