Morries Anytime, Margaret River


The journey back to Perth was long so I felt it was essential to have a good breakfast. Morries Anytime was exactly what we needed.



Orders for drinks were taken as soon as we seated; the Duke chose a long macchiato whilst I had a latte. A most interesting thing is that when the long mac was brought over, not only was it not topped up (as is typical of long macs served in Perth) it was a traditional long mac AND even then, only a small dollop of froth sat on top of the shot/s of coffee. When the Duke and I went to Norway, that was how long macs were served – the shots are “stained” with only a small amount of milk (goodness, I hope I haven’t confused anyone amongst my slight ramble there). The long mac from Morries was a very rare occurrence but one that the Duke really appreciated.

When my latte came out, the picky barista in me noticed that there was about 2cm of froth instead of the standard 1cm and I couldn’t help thinking that if I were training someone else on the coffee station and that was their finished product, I wouldn’t let them send it out. However, taking into account that it was extremely busy in the cafe, I quickly dismissed the concern as the taste of the coffee was right on the dot – it was not too hot (most likely around 60-63°C, told you I was picky) and really quite smooth and aromatic. For those who are curious, I was told that they use Rubra beans but am not sure of the blend.


I then proceeded to order a serve of the brioche french toast, with ricotta, caramelised bananas, honeycomb and canadian maple syrup…


…while the Duke fancied the green eggs and salmon ( a poached egg with basil pesto, smoked salmon, seared spinach, feta and lemon).


The french toast was perfectly balanced between the sweet bananas and maple syrup against the fresh ricotta, with the ripe strawberries bringing a burst of fresh flavours. The Duke too was very happy with his perfectly soft poached egg and zesty pesto.

With our hunger satisfied, breakfast at Morries Anytime turned out to be our last meal in Margaret River. The breakfast was the perfect send off as we began our journey back home to Perth.

-The Fine Duchess

PS. Did you know that slicing a poached egg is apparently one of life’s pleasures? (via A Cup Of Jo)

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