Desserts by Hidemi Sugino


…currently wishing that I could jet off to Tokyo just so I can taste the desserts made by Hidemi Sugino.

The image above is of Hidemi’s signature cake, Ambrosie, which won him the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie (Pastry World Cup, 1991). Some sources tell me that apparently only 10 each of the Ambrosie and the Marie (image below) are made each day. How extraordinary it must be to taste a cake that would be such highly sought after.




The cakes by Hidemi Sugino are are mainly mousse based. With little gelatin used in the cakes, the end result of the mousse is extra creamy and soft. However, the main drawback is that most of the cakes need be refrigerated within the hour. Even then, a small selection of the cakes have to be eaten in store; they are too soft to be away from refrigeration for even 15 minutes.

For more information and the recipes for the cakes, click on the images or the links below.


1. Ambrosie: chocolate mouse cake with pistachio sponge and pistachio mousse

2. Marie: strawberry and pistachio mousse cake, on top of pistachio jaconde

3. B-Caribe: vanilla, chocolate and banana cake

4. Sicile: pistachio and blackberry mouse cake



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