Cooking with ash


“Where there are trends for cooking with smoke and fire, there’s got to be a trend for ash. Ash has deep, deep roots in everything from treating dried corn for Mesoamerican preparations to preserving French goat’s cheeses, but now it’s making its way into restaurant dishes. Hamish Ingham, for example, seasons his salad of ocean trout, parsley and smoked trout roe at The Woods with ash, while Pujol chef Enrique Olvera incorporated ash into a mayonnaise at the dinner he gave at Pei Modern for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.”

Australian Gourmet Traveller, May 2013

Have you ever tried meat coated in ash? I haven’t, but upon reading about this upcoming trend, I am very interested. Perhaps I need to look into restaurants in Perth who incorporate this into their menus.

If you’re curious, you can read up on the trend here. Not keen to jump head first into the foreign and unknown? Perhaps a sample of these may prepare the way for bolder actions.

-The Fine Duchess


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