The Art of Writing


On December 14th, 2012 Louis Vuitton opened the beautiful doors of its first Cabinet d’Ecriture – the Writing Cabinet – in the spectacular city of Paris.


“…the family has always been very involved with writing. You can see that in some of the instruments and special cases we have created for customers.”



“And from there, we created a range of instruments and products that would bring back the romance of writing which – contrary to what people might suppose in the digital era – is alive and well. For people with a respect and love of that tradition, they’ll find that the pens, inks and papers fulfil that desire for beauty.” – LV’s Cabinet d’Écriture tour guide.


It would be nothing short of a dream if I were able to visit this beautiful store. Oh, to feel the delectably thin paper, the warmth of the leather bound notebooks and see the wide array liquid inks. All of this nod to Louis Vuitton’s first luxe pen collection in the 1980s.


One can only dream…

-The Fine Duchess

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