Rain Room at MoMa


A new, interactive exhibit has opened at the Museum of Modern Art in in New York. An expanse of falling water rains down, however, it pauses when human contact is detected. As a result, you can do whatever you want – prance, dance or simply about your way – and never get wet.

Gothamist describes the event as such:

“The overall effect is mesmerizing—a semi-blinding white klieg light at the back of the room disorients your field of vision while highlighting the millions of individual raindrops showering down around you on all sides. The motion sensors are so sensitive that you can sweep your arm through the deluge and still keep your shirt dry. Move too quickly, however, and you can get good and soaked if want.”

If anyone is in the area, I urge you to visit the wonderful exhibit. I can only ever wish that I could be there. Let me know how it goes!

For more information, you can visit the MoMa website.


-The Fine Duchess

Images via A Cup Of Jo


2 thoughts on “Rain Room at MoMa

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