Gino’s Spaghetti Bar


On a cold autumn evening, the Duke and I headed out for a birthday dinner at Gino’s Spaghetti Bar in Yokine, just around the corner from our house. Upon arrival, we were kindly shown to our table which we had previously booked.

Upon viewing of the menu, we decided on the marinated octopus and the garlic bread. Served with sundried tomatoes, olives and a lot of lemon, the octopus was absolutely delicious! The acidity of the lemon kept it fresh the entire time and the garlic bread was just the right accompaniment.

For mains, I went with the Veal Siciliana (served with eggplant and spaghetti) while the Duke had his eyes set on the Tortellini Alla Pana.



When the dishes were served, I was left speechless. Despite it looking (and tasting) so scrumptious, I knew there was no way that I was going to finish my mains. Taking a deep breath, I tackled the magnificent dish but wasn’t even close to halfway when I had to call it quits. The Duke was much more able than I was – he soldiered through over half of his pasta before he too had to wave the white flag. Upon asking one of the waitresses if we could take it home, even she sheepishly and quietly said that portion sizes are truly quite large while she happily helped us pack it up.

But how did it taste, you ask. Well, my crumbed veal was cooked just right, sitting beneath a robust sauce alongside a serving of spaghetti. The Duke said that his tortellini was delicious and made a note to point out that though the sauce was creamy, it wasn’t overly so to the point of it being sickening. All in all, we were very pleased with our meals.

Gino’s Spaghetti Bar is the essence of family dining. With an assortment of choices and  generous portion sizes, the Duke and I are eager to bring our family and friends to this great establishment.

Note: whilst Gino’s has a liquor license and offers a variety of wines, it also offers BYO with no additional fee.

-The Fine Duchess

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