BMO Chop

“If this were a real attack, you’d be dead…”

Goodness me, I can’t help but burst into a fit of giggles every time I see this. Is it because BMO (the little computer) is so small or if she is Japanese and cute (at least as cartoons go).

Many people I know think that Adventure Time is really not that great, but S, the Duke and I are absolutely loving the traditional (traditional? Old school?) animation. However, best friend C insists that Ben 10 is much better.

When did adults like ourselves go from watching sitcoms and soap operas back to cartoons in the style of our childhood favourites?

I remember turning ABC Kids on the other day to find that the cartoon Babar had been modernised and was all computer graphic animated (does that make any sense?). Ick! It seemed so wrong! Children’s shows just aren’t like how they used to be. At least I can seek solace and comfort in Adventure Time.

Do you have an indulgence that satisfies your inner child? Cartoons? Movies? Let me know – surely I’m not the only one…




-The Fine Duchess


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