Ace Pizza Part 1


And they are at it again. The team behind Cantina 663 and El Publico have opened up a new place just a few blocks down – ACE Pizza. With real wood ovens, charcoal grills and Aesop hand wash (you heard me right, they went all out), a meal at ACE is sure to be nothing less than marvellous (or Ace! Such a bad joke…)

Amongst my busy schedule of upcoming concerts and eisteddfods, I am determined to give the new place a go in the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Hope you’re having one fine day.

UPDATE: Part 2 of Ace Pizza can be found here.

-The Fine Duchess

Image via SixThousand

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5 thoughts on “Ace Pizza Part 1

  1. Looks really nice. I love an authentic pizza, with lots of olives, and lashings of red wine to accompany it. Shame it is in Australia. Bit of a punch from Norfolk! regards from England, Pete.

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