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Over the weekend, the Duke and I headed out to Pizzaca Caffe in Doubleview for a late lunch. Ringing up ahead, they were very kind to reserve us a table – may I note that I highly recommend booking a table, even if it is as late as calling up on the way there, due to the limited tables and seats available. After perusing the menu, the Duke chose one of his all time favourites – eggs hollandaise. The hollandaise that was on offer here at Pizzaca was served with two poached eggs on thin slices of rye bread, accompanied by some salmon, a slice of potato bake and topped with a tangy hollandaise sauce. The Duke noted that for the first time ever, the eggs were the slightest bit underdone. Who has ever heard of that? I sure haven’t – I always hear complaints of overdone eggs. Despite being a bit underdone, he said that it was simply a personal preference and still happily polished off the plate. The sauce that sat on top of the eggs was deliciously zesty but unfortunately, the texture of it was rather thick – unlike the smooth velvety texture that we’re used to. We thought that perhaps it needed to be warmed up a bit more? But enough of the negatives (not that it was even that negative to begin with – the potato was creamy, the Duke is the biggest fan of rye bread and the salmon, well, it was fresh and that kept him happy).


When there are bagels on the menu, I dive in like a hawk and my choice today was no exception – smoked salmon on a poppyseed bagel, served with red onion, cream cheese, sprouts and capers. The ingredients were fresh, the bagel was chewy in right places, soft in the others, and I was very much content. No dramas there.


As for drinks, I went for a double shot latte whilst the Duke ordered his latte with a dash of butterscotch. If you’ve been following for a while, you might have noticed that I quite like coffee. In fact, I have sadly been given the title of being a coffee snob (that’s what happens when you drink and make a lot of coffee!). So about the coffee – it was good today. Very good in fact. There was quite the perfect one centimetre of froth, coffee was smooth, the milk was textured very well (so that the froth was micro indeed – no ghastly bubbles in sight) and the temperature was perfect for us (I can honestly vouch that it would’ve been around 60-63°C – now now, don’t go judging me for knowing this odd and unnecessary piece of information). The reason as to why I was impressed by the coffee is this – when the Duke and I visited about a month ago, the same barista (young boy with small ponytail) was on the machine and churned out a very bubbly long macchiato with a big two centimetres of froth, too much for a long macchiato glass. Assuming that he was still learning the ropes, we just hoped that he could get some practice and would serve much better coffees in no time, which has been proven to be the case on this outing.

And so, the Duke and I left the wonderful Pizzaca, content with our light lunch. They can be reassured that we will be back soon.

-The Fine Duchess

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