Emmanuelle Alt


And who is Emmanuelle Alt, you may say? Nothing special really… except that she is one of the most amazing women in the fashion industry (!), Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris. With barely brushed hair, minimal make up and a fierce, determined look in her eyes, Alt is the embodiment of polished French chic. And also – she just recently joined instagram! (I have to admit that I heard this news by means of Garance Dore – I’m not clever enough to keep up with all the gossip)



How is it that she looks so comfortable and chic and yet so polished, at the same time? It must be the blazers. Perhaps that is the answer to after all. Want to dress like Emmanuelle Alt? Throw on a pair of jeans (not too long though – must end at the ankles), thread a belt, carelessly tuck in only the front of your shirt, and reach for your nearest blazer. And voila! You too are now the embodiment of french chic! Mind you, it does help if you have a bit of the french blood in you in the first place, just saying…


Ah, that navy blazer. So beautiful. So perfect with its gold buttons. I would sure get a glare if my sister S reads this. She thinks I am too obsessed with navy everything – navy blazer, navy dress, navy heels, navy blanket (with crisp white sheets), etc etc. You get the idea. I see it more as a fascination. A fierce admiration. I don’t know. Come on, don’t judge now. What do you have a fierce fascination with?


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3 thoughts on “Emmanuelle Alt

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  2. Yes, I have a deep love of Emmanuelle, with her uniform of jackets, jeans and shirts, all worn in perfection, and yes have a serious craving for that navy jacket! Still hunting for the perfect navy jacket, preferably with gold buttons (it always reminds me of men’s blazers) to appease the inner tomboy in me…

    • Oh yes, the navy blazer. And it can not be one of the frilly, overly feminine kind either. It must at least hit the top of our jeans, or else it just won’t do. Glad to know that you and I think along the same wavelengths.

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