His & Hers


For the Duke: Polo Double Black by Ralph Lauren. Victoria from Bois de Jasmin provides a truly evocative and sensual description:

“The top notes of Double Black are marked with a spicy freshness which, like a cool breeze, lightens the rich woods that form the backbone of the composition. The luscious sweetness of mango becomes pronounced with time, underscored with a resinous peppery note. This forms a beautiful prelude to the opulence of cardamom, nutmeg and dark roasted coffee which suggests an abstract gourmand dessert without ever making the allusion obvious. The rich woodsy base layered over the subtle warmth of musk is perhaps my favourite aspect of this seamlessly constructed composition. It possesses a wonderful softness, alternatively evoking dark velvet and weightless cashmere…”

And for me: Aurisse by a new niche brand, S4P:

“A sudden, impetuous French coastal wind, announcing unexpected changes of weather are soon to take place, after splendid days of heat and sun. It blows in from the sea at 15-20 knots and carries an intensity of aroma that sharpens the notes of ozone. With notes of petitgrain, bitter orange, grapefruit, white rose, lime, pink pepper, basil leaves, geranium, glacial mint, white amber, white cedar and incense.”

Polo Double Black can be purchased from Myer or David Jones, whilst the Duke was so sweet to source out Aurisse for my recently passed birthday at Mariposa Perfumery,  within the Astor Arcade in Mt Lawley.

What’s your signature scent? Woody? Oriental? Flora? Does it change with the seasons?

-The Fine Duchess


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