Happy Weekend!


And it is the weekend! With little on the agenda, I can imagine that mine will be filled curled up on the couch going through past issues of Emma Magazine and Lonny. As usual, below are a few links for the weekend:

Fashion: Have you been following the resort collections? Diana from Miss Moss shares her top 30.

Design: Simple and sweet decor by Melbourne based studio Middle of Nowhere

Travel: Perhaps Madrid should be on the agenda for my next destination

Bedroom: Wouldn’t this be the perfect bedside table? Or perhaps you’d prefer something more avante garde?

Drink Up: Went to our local favourite The Classroom Bar and had a sample of their delicious Wild Wimbledon Punch, a hot gin punch made with Hendrick’s gin strawberries and cream tea, blood orange liqueur, and served with a macaron.

What will you be up to this weekend?

-The Fine Duchess

PS. Where do you go for Friday night/Saturday night drinks? I’ve been looking into other bars that are around North Perth and the city but the Duke insists on The Classroom, as they deliver every single time and are very consistent. Any suggestions?

Image via 1st Pancake Studio


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