The perfect accessory for your gin? A Gin Wheel of course! The highly esteemed design firm, AvroKO, have collaborated with Bombay Sapphire East Gin to create the perfect item for entertaining your guests on those balmy summer nights. What? You say it’s winter here in Perth? Oh well, perhaps the Duke can purchase one for me and we can pull it out when the leaves are once again green and the flowers are in full bloom.


Seriously though, this sophisticated Lazy Susan inspired wheel is one toy that will amaze even the most cynical of guests. Each unit is finely handcrafted from walnut wood and when opened up, reveals a bountiful treasure of all that is required to create the celebrated Gin & Tonic.  Amongst the treasures are your high quality bar tools, specialty gin & tonic glassware, specially branded wooden coasters as well as removable cutting boards. Well I must say, that really is quite fancy, no?


At a dear $500, this toy may just have to wait until Christmas (or my birthday next year…). A girl can always dream, can’t she? For those who feel that you just need the Gin Wheel, you can purchase it at The Future Perfect. Just don’t forget to invite me over for a drink. Deal?

-The Fine Duchess

PS. I first discovered the Gin Wheel over on Design Milk. If you have some time, I do encourage you to saunter over and fill up on your daily dose of design.


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