Latte Art


Have you ever been a barista? If so, do you remember the first time you saw someone pour a rosetta or a heart for you? Did you feel that bubbling sense of joy inside, having witnessed something so simple yet truly amazing? And then you think, how hard can it be (at least that’s what I thought), only to feel much despair when you realise that it’s a fair bit harder than it looks. And then the sheer excitement of pouring your first heart. And then the rosetta (which you just had to show everyone). I’m still working on my tulips but with lots of practise, the end result doesn’t look too far away.

There is an article in the current issue of Barista Magazine (June-July 2013) (beginning on page 64) about latte art and the positive impacts it has on the customer when executed well (on a side note,  when I receive a cup of coffee where the art was well attempted but not quite achieved, there are still smiles around the table). In addition to the main article, the side bars are very useful in trouble shooting the art of a good pour, as well as offering many useful tips from the professionals.


“Before you pour a drop, though, one thing is crucial to master: milk quality. Beautifully textured, microfoamed milk is the single most important part of creating and improving your art…Listen to how it (the milk) sounds and feels by touch to really get to know where it has to be.”


Now please excuse me as I head over to my little coffee machine and practise my tulips. Hope you’re a having a wonderful day!


PS. If you don’t have a subscription, you can read it online here. And don’t forget to turn to page 64 for the article.

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