Happy Weekend


…though the storms in Perth have settled into a light slumber for the time being, it still remains rather nippy outside. So perhaps my plan for what remains of the weekend will be to stay indoors, rugged up with a book in hand as the soft vocals of Katie Costello gently glides in the air above. And as usual, below are some lovely link for you to look through if you so desire. Happy weekend everyone.

Music: a side of Adele that is rarely seen – her cheeky sense of humour between songs. Concert venue: The Royal Albert Hall
Design: loving the details of Melbourne’s The Town Mouse. Their business cards glow in the dark!
Fashion: carousels + valentino = perfection
Paper: modern DIY Save The Date
Drink Up: dark berry, rosemary and juniper fizz 

-The Fine Duchess

PS. Perth readers, did anyone go to see James Blake at The Astor Theatre on the weekend? What did you think? I loved it! And to those who aren’t in Perth, do you like James Blake’s style/music? Something rather different, isn’t it?

Image: The Library Bar at the NoMad Hotel via MODCo Creative


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