Sweet Tooth

…after a long day of teaching little fingers how to move correctly, running important errands that could no longer be put off and as always, the sound of piano constantly in my ears, these deliciously looking doughnuts, captured by Chris Court, are a nice distraction as I seek a slight change of pace, even if it is only for a short while.

ASpectacularLife_DonnaHayJamDoughnutsJam Doughnuts

ASpectacularLife_DonnaHayItalianDoughnutsItalian Doughnuts

ASpectacularLife_DonnaHayChocolateGlazedDoughnutsChocolate Glazed Doughnuts

ASpectacularLife_DonnaHayCustardDonutsLittle Custard Doughnuts

And after a well needed slumber, it is back to work tomorrow as musicians, young and old, grace my humble studio with their books, pencils and manuscript in hand.

-The Fine Duchess

All images with the permission of Chris Court, featured in Donna Hay (issue 56, 2011)


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