Happy Weekend!


What are you up to this weekend? This eisteddfod season, I had a young piano student win first place in her section in the Joondalup Eisteddfod; she then went on to be asked to be a part of the winner’s concert, which so happens to be held this afternoon. And so, you can imagine where I will be today. And in the evening, best friend C and I will be driving to Fremantle for Love Thread’s Thrift Shop Party. So that pretty much sums up the events for this young conductor-pianist for this windy and blustery last day of winter.

And as usual, here are a few links for the weekend:

Interior: loving the style of this hotel
Home: 26 ingenious ideas for your home
Fashion: awesome tomboy inspired fall collection by Madewell
Design: big fan of Wit and Whistle’s sketches. Can’t wait for her new designs
Wedding: coolest illustrations ever! Love love love the wedding invites

See you next week!

-The Fine Duchess

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Huka Lodge


With spring well on it’s way to humble little Perth, these pictures of Huka Lodge, New Zealand make me want to be whisked away to a place where the grass is emerald green, the river runs deep blue and the radiant morning sun makes everything come to life. With it’s high ceilings, french doors and open spaces, Huka Lodge would be the perfect destination for a romantic getaway from the buzz of the city.







Wouldn’t it be divine?

-The Fine Duchess

Images via Mr & Mrs Smith

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Anna Walker


Loving these whimsical illustrations by Melbourne illustrator Anna Walker. I first spotted her work as I was taking a student back to their class from a piano lesson, a beautiful poster hung up on the library wall, ignored by many who passed by. But not me. Making a mental note, I finally have the chance to look through her folio, from the quaint little illustrations to her clever books. For more information, please do visit her website.





Do you know of any other illustrators? If you have any in mind, do let me know. I’d be very interested to look into them.

-The Fine Duchess

All image credits go to Anna Walker.

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All The Fine Gentlemen


With the stormy weather of late, I can’t help but admire the gentlemen that cross my path who not only manage to stay warm but also dress in the most elegant ways, pairing the right colours and patterns with the right cut and material…

Gentleman01 Gentleman02 Gentleman05

What do you think about the colours and patterns? Perfect? Too much?

Hope you’re having a beautiful day, perhaps a little less blustery than mine.

-The Fine Duchess

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 |

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Playing on Repeat #03

Song: Telephone Hour
Musical: Bye Bye Birdie
Performers:  Oconomowoc High School

…have been going through the piano accompaniment for this colourful and fun piece that one of the schools I’m positioned at is learning, so it has been on my mind a fair amount. I have to admit that’s it’s rather crazy to play, arms flailing here and there. Happy Monday!

-The Fine Duchess

Hidden Spaces


Imagine living in a beautiful home with sky high ceilings, French-style paneling and hidden doorways. Now, wouldn’t that be divine?


{ 2 |Vertical Pivot System Door which leads to a simple minimalist kitchen }


{ 3 | hidden doorway leads to a powder room }


{ 4 | French style panels in a majestic home office }


{ 5 | behind the beautifully wall papered panels is a sunny sitting room }


{ 6 | hidden staircase }


{ 7 | romance awaits behind the doors of this magnificent library }

On this beautiful winter afternoon (more like fake-winter) (Perth isn’t very good at cold winters – the days seem to turn out rather sunny with a slight chill in the air), the Duke and I drove along the riverside in search coffee beans. And coffee beans we found, first at Typika followed by another purchase at Elixir. Tomorrow morning, hopefully we will be able to make a small trip to Mary Street Bakery and purchase a small bag of beans by Pound (all these beans are locally roasted in our little city of Perth). Why so much coffee, you may ask? Sure, we may drink a fair amount of coffee but the numerous purchases are in fact all in the name of research. The Duke is rather keen on finding out the difference between the different blends (by means of a thorough taste test of course) and next week, he will be my guest on this humble little blog, posting his results and findings. But until then, here are the usual weekend links:

Interior: beautiful monochrome wares Australian company The Minimalist
Design: a printer that sits on top of the paper, no print tray required
Paper: beautiful calligraphy by Julie Song Ink
Fashion: loving the fall shoot in September Vogue, featuring Jennifer Lawrence
Kitchen: my favourite brownie recipe

See you next week!

-The Fine Duchess

{ image 1 | bathroom is hidden behind elegant grey-blue walls, belonging to fashion designer Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein }



With spring just around the corner, it seems as if all the delicate flowers are slowly coming to bloom. Speckles of pink and white find themselves amongst a flourish of fresh green leaves as nature slowly awakes from her deep winter slumber, meeting the rusty afternoon sun’s warm embrace. And so here is some inspiration on the colour pink, the palest of its shades, of course…








How sweet is the photo above? It features Angeline from Love Thread as a part of Perth Fashion Festival’s Restyle Op Shop Challenge. And in honour of the completion of the Restyle Challenge, Love Thread is is holding a Thrift Shop Party (details can be found here)! I’ll definitely be there, so Perth readers, if anyone is going, I might just see your lovely faces.

Have a lovely day,


Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ||



…am absolutely loving the simplicity of the works by Melbourne artist, Miso, as a part of her exhibition Everywhere I Have Been. The exhibition features works on paper which have been pin pricked to result in a beautiful image.




With everything stripped back to the bare minimum, it is so delicate and calm, allowing us a glimpse into what the artist may have perceived at the time of the event or inspiration.

For more details, visit Miso’s site or perhaps even read an interview with her.

All images by MiCK Gallery

Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond

Picasso.ViolinAndGrapesPablo Picasso: Violin and Grapes

On a cloudy afternoon, the Duke and I finally took a trip to the Art Gallery of WA and paid a visit to fantastic exhibition in town, Van Gogh, Dalí and Beyond. These were a few of our favourites:

Pierre Roy: Daylight Savings Time

JeanMetzinger.LandscapeJean Metzinger: Landscape

Salvador Dalí: Illuminated Pleasures

Salvador Dalí: Debris of an Automobile, Giving Birth To A Blind Horse Biting a Telephone

The last work by Dalí really is something, isn’t it. And the title is quite the mouthful too! I’m rather fascinated at how so many things are occurring all at the same time and yet they all work well together. What do you think? Maybe a bit too dark to sit in the living room?

Hope you’re having a good start to the new week.

-The Fine Duchess

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