Drum Lessons


Out of the blue, the Duke asked me if I wanted a drum lesson (yes, I married a musician; he’s the clever breed that can play any instrument that he picks up too) and I jumped at the chance. And so in an hour’s time, I can play a basic funk pattern, learnt what a ghost note is (and how to slot them in) AND I can pretty much play the pattern from Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning! Can you tell that I’m rather excited? I must admit though, that it feels so odd to be playing another instrument and to be coordinating my arms and wrists in different directions. Through my lesson today, I know a little bit more about the frustration that my students feel when working on something that is completely new to them: for the Sunday Morning groove, I could play all the parts separately, ie. snare and high hat only, or high hat and bass, but when I tried to put all the parts together, it would drastically fall apart (aargh! The syncopation in the bass did really did my head in). But never one to shy away from a challenge, I was absolutely determined to master the groove and I more or less managed to do so by the time an hour had gone by. But the ability to retain all that I had learnt today will only be determined when I practise tomorrow.

So to those who are starting out on music lessons, trust me when I say that it is more beneficial to practise a small amount everyday, may it be ten minutes or fifteen minutes, than to do a large chunk of thirty minutes but only once a week. But why am I telling you this? You’re all a clever bunch. I’m sure you already know this.

How did you find learning a new instrument? Isn’t it odd to use parts of your body (ie. individual fingers) and learn certain movements that you wouldn’t really incorporate in your daily life?

-The Fine Duchess

PS. in case you have missed out, you can read up on my first piano lesson, over fifteen years ago!


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