Sunday’s Child



…is blithe and gay, and what better way to be so than at an enormous picnic with your closest friends and family. So just before the working week begins again, Sunday’s child takes full opportunity to relax with her loved ones, may it be with a delicious picnic feast, a rowdy game of bocce (how could a game bocce be rowdy, you may ask. Trust me, with endearing younger ones and the family pets joining in, things very much have the potential to get out of hand) or lazily flipping through her favourite design magazines with the hum of chatter and the occasional burst of laughter (always from the cheeky ones) in the background.





Ad Campaign: Tommy Hilfiger. Meet the Hilfigers Fall/Winter 2010/11
Photographer: Craig McDean

And as always, here are five weekend links I’d like to share with you:

Etiquette: the art of conversation
Kitchen: infused sugar sounds so sublime
Resort: pre-spring 2014 favourites by michael kors and burberry prorsum
Renovations: an amazing kitchen makeover
Design: incredibly sweet cartoons on everyday furniture. Brilliant!

-The Fine Duchess


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