In the Office: Birthday Cards


1. & 2The Distillery

In all honesty, perhaps birthday cards aren’t quite in the office category, but there’s nothing wrong with having a nice stack of cards on hand for that emergency or to wish someone a last minute birthday. With Jeremy’s (my dear husband) birthday being a week away, I’ve been looking into getting not only one card but perhaps an assortment of clever and witty cards to always have at my desk.


3. Fluid Ink Letterpress


4. Fluid Ink Letterpress


5. The Little Press | 6. Bespoke Letterpress


7. Olive and the Volcano

What do you think? These delightful cards (all letterpressed) are produced locally in Perth (Fluid Ink Letterpress and The Little Press) and from over east (The Distillery, Bespoke Letterpress and Olive and the Volcano).

I think the “hippo-birdy-two-ewes” card might be the perfect one for Jeremy. Do you have a favourite?



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