In the Office: Pencils

Sideshow.canoecase1Canoe Pencil Case with Message Pencils

Being a piano teacher-conductor-pianist, I have to go through music on a daily basis, whether it is writing in performance indications, which fingers to use or simply writing in enormous big capital letters to play a certain note (or at times, what note not to play). And what tool would I use most often to do the most humble but important jobs? The pencil of course. And so below, I present to you four lovely pencils (or sets of pencils) that any piano teacher would be delightful to be owner of.


one | two | three | four 

And to keep your pencils always on hand instead of all over your desk, here are a few nifty cases:


five | six | seven | eight 

Happy Monday!


PS. The legendary Blackwing Palomino Pencils can be locally purchased from Studio Bomba

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2 thoughts on “In the Office: Pencils

  1. I enjoy your blog – Perth can be a lonely city. I grew up here and still find it lonely at times. There is something about the winds, the isolation, the vibe of Perth that makes it so. Keep up the great work! :)

    • Hi! Thank you for your sweet words. It’s so true that Perth is isolated but I’ve noticed that its culture is slowly expanding (it’s all a bit exciting really). I think now is quite the perfect time to be in Perth.

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