Exigo 2013

My oh my how the days have so swiftly passed. The latter half of November was filled with music concerts, artistic showcases, and graduations, so many graduations. And now December is upon us and the festive inspiration will trickle in. But before we leap into gift guides and all things colourful, I must show you the young Perth designers from Polytechnic West who recently held a grand runway showcasing each student’s collection.

And so I present to you Exigo:

Naomi Randall

Hayley Mosenthal

Chanelle Gibbs

Claudia Princi

Charissa Schlink

Joshua Berthelsen

Natalie Rolt

Nadia Chisari

Sally Geach

Jess Stobie

Mya Vreugdenburg

Sair Kelly

Emily Lewien

Sharnah Abbott

Susan Tran (that’s my sister’s collection) (she won range of the year!!)

Monica Blaauw

Alana Opden-Akker

Kirsty Payne

Adrian Woolnough

Most Outstanding Design Award: Naomi Randall
Gerber Training CAD Award: Charissa Schlink
Range of the Year Award: Susan Tran
Periscope Mentor Program: Chanelle Gibbs
Xpress Fashion Graduate Award: Charissa Schlink
Most Consistent Student of the Year Award: Claudia Princi
Product Management Award: Alana Opden-Akker
Textile Innovation Award: Mya Vreugdenburg
Design Development Award: Adrian Woolnough
Student of the Year: Naomi Randall

{two favourites}
one | Chanelle Gibbs
Big fan of the use of laser cutting and heat setting on the acrylic, in addition to the my favourite dress of her collection (pictured above). The shorter side of navy blue (it looks much darker in real time) greatly contrasts with the rest of the dress, cutting a very flattering silhouette.
two | Naomi Randall
Love her opening dress (also pictured above)(my obsession with the darker hues of blue, may it be navy or indigo or cobalt, doesn’t seem to wane does it?), from the colour to the gathered skirt to the pops of  orange and yellow. Beautiful!

Translating from Latin to befittingly mean to complete, Exigo was held at the magnificent Crown Perth and attracted over 600 guests; many that night were friends and family but there were a few among the crowd who were big names in the industry, ready to offer jobs to the cream of the crop. My sister, Susan Tran, won the range of the year award not only due to her strong tailored designs but also because of her digitally printed fabric, which she designed herself.

At the end of the show, she was approached by one of Western Australia’s most exclusive names in bridal and evening wear, Samantha Wynne, offering Susan to be a part of the design team at her boutique in Mt Hawthorn. As the congratulations were winding down, Susan was then approached by the talented stylist Emily Howlett seeking permission to use her collection for a photo shoot in collaboration with the beautiful Gabrielle Sullivan and to be captured by the amazing Stef King. And so here is a sneak peak of the photo shoot:


Beautiful, no? (I love the little fire monster that sits in the middle of the skirt. Can you see it?)

And just when we all thought the excitement over Susan’s collection is over, she tells me that she has just express posted one of her works to North Bondi for another photo shoot! If I may be so bold as to say, I truly think she might make quite a name for herself. But I’m sure she’s not the only one from the night who has met with such success. So if you’re still reading, well done! And thank you for letting me brag (just a little) about my little sister and all her hard work.

So to finish off, I leave you with a few more photos ( of a more lighthearted nature) of the fantastic night we had at Exigo, graduation of class 2013:

For more write ups on the event, do stop by The Fashion Catalyst or adornYou.


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ps. don’t forget to stay updated as the festive DIYs and holiday inspiration comes flooding in.

Images: all runway images by Songy Knox // Marina halter top and Marina flare skirt: designed by Susan Tran of San Cora Photographer Stef King Model Gabrielle Sullivan Stylist Emily Howlett // images at the end by my dear friend Luke Klingenberg

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2 thoughts on “Exigo 2013

  1. Hi
    Just love your blogg! I’ve been missing it for a while. Looks like you have a very clever family with your sister being in the fashion industry and it looks like she has a very bright future ahead of her.

    I took your advice and have started going to the kirwan st cafe which is most enjoyable , especially their eggs Benedict. I take my pooch Juno along with me and she enjoys hanging out with the other dogs st the cafe.

    Have a lovely Christmas and keep up the good work.

    Sue Smyth

    • Hi Sue

      So glad that you and your pooch enjoy KirwanStreet Cafe! And yes, incredibly proud of my sister.

      Have a fantastic Christmas.


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