Photographer: Christine Lim

Today has been filled with errands, beginning with a lovely lingering breakfast with my dear sister, a short drive into the city, one too many cups of coffee, and ending with a heart warming dinner with all the family. And so now I am able to take a bit of time and introduce you to the charming work of Christine Lim.02.ChristineLim
In every single photo, Christine beautifully captures each moment. From the warm afternoon sun setting behind a grand vineyard to the roaring cheers of wedding guests as they give applause to the newlywed couple, no detail is left behind. 03.ChristineLim







Beautiful, no?

Hope that you have had a lovely day and were able to take some time out to indulge just a little.


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[All images used with permission from Christine Lim Photography]

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Pippa Jenkings


…with Australia Day around the corner, it won’t be long til the house is a flurry of activity. With a big barbecue to celebrate the momentous occasion, there will good company, the echo of laughter and perhaps even a selection of refreshing cocktails for all to partake in. With only one more month of summer left, today’s inspiration for a picnic and barbecue seems to have come at the perfect time.


Vintage and retro, bubbles and champagne, the Vichy Collection by Australian Pippa Jenkings is a marvellous collection. Inspired by Bridgette Bardot, the playful pieces are made of 100% cotton in the beautiful city of Paris. How incredible it must be to own a piece of the collection…




Soft green grass beneath your feet and the rusty afternoon sun as a backdrop, just as the cool sea breeze lingers in the air; now wouldn’t that be a perfect summer afternoon.

Hope that you are having a dreamy day wherever you may be.


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wanderlust: olso, norway


It has almost been two years since my husband and I were in Norway for our honeymoon, but how amazing that trip was that almost everyday, something will come up and remind us of that glorious time. Though we spent most of our time in the capital, Oslo, we were able to be on the Norway in a Nutshell tour, which took us to the majestic fjords and allowed us to have a glimpse of the beautiful snow capped mountains.

a view from The Thief hotel

fresh berries from street vendors

ice cream from Paradis

macarons from Pascal


coffee at Stockfleths

Is there somewhere that you dream about going back to? A magical place to where you’d love to be whisked away?


Images: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

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A bit of science


Today, let us begin with a bit of inspiration of the scientific sorts. Majestic antlers, paper thin feathers, sparkling gems and delicate butterflies. These posters by Jessica Rose of Vol. 25 are simply lovely and would be perfect on my walls.

antlerstudy.vol25 featherpatterns.vol25 minerals&gems.vol25

Wishing you a lovely day and hope that you had a relaxing weekend.


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Paganin House


Just as summer seems to be winding down, wouldn’t it be a ball to host a glamorous pool party to celebrate the end of a glorious time. And what better venue for this spectacular event than at the Paganin House in Perth, designed by renowned Bulgarian-born architect Iwan Iwanoff.






The reflection of bright lights in the crystal blue water of the pool, the flow of champagne that never seems to stop and the hum of crickets on a balmy evening; the perfect ode to summer. Oh, a girl can dream.

Hope you are having a dreamy day wherever you are.


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Images: one, three and four by Acorn Photo | two and five by Maya of House Nerd

Organise { + some free stuff}

Starting the day with delicious coffee and french strawberry jam on toast, today has been spent ticking off items from my ever growing to do list; from finally sending off long overdue thank you notes to planning my timetable for the new school year, many errands have been completed but there are so many things that are tedious and time consuming. Things I have yet to complete include sorting out photos from 2013 that are patiently waiting for my attention, and finish off decorating my studio. But in the mean time, allow me to share with you a few goodies that might help you (and maybe me even more) keep things organised and the clutter at bay:

one | a lovely printable calendar by fashion blogger / graphic designer and typographer, Jasmine Dowling:

two | a to-do list, because you can never make enough lists for things that just need to get done

three | and lastly, for my fellow bloggers, a fantastic planner for your blog content from The Native New Yawker

What helps you get organised? Do you write things down with pen and paper, or are you one to use your phone more?

Hope you are having a delightful day and are all set for the weeks to come.


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A quick hello






Amidst small bursts of work here and there, a drive this evening for some star gazing, and coffee, always freshly ground coffee, just a quick hello from me to you before we start the weekend. Following this week, posts will hopefully jump back onto the road of design, but for now, a little bit of romance and a touch of sparkle. Whoever said that we can’t indulge a bit?


Images: office | quote | jacket | calligraphy | chanel

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