Organise { + some free stuff}

Starting the day with delicious coffee and french strawberry jam on toast, today has been spent ticking off items from my ever growing to do list; from finally sending off long overdue thank you notes to planning my timetable for the new school year, many errands have been completed but there are so many things that are tedious and time consuming. Things I have yet to complete include sorting out photos from 2013 that are patiently waiting for my attention, and finish off decorating my studio. But in the mean time, allow me to share with you a few goodies that might help you (and maybe me even more) keep things organised and the clutter at bay:

one | a lovely printable calendar by fashion blogger / graphic designer and typographer, Jasmine Dowling:

two | a to-do list, because you can never make enough lists for things that just need to get done

three | and lastly, for my fellow bloggers, a fantastic planner for your blog content from The Native New Yawker

What helps you get organised? Do you write things down with pen and paper, or are you one to use your phone more?

Hope you are having a delightful day and are all set for the weeks to come.


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2 thoughts on “Organise { + some free stuff}

  1. Everything, and I mean absolutely everything is in my phone calender. I don’t know what I’d do without it and I love that I can set myself alerts so I can’t forget. It is definitely what keeps me organised! I also like to have a large visual calender for things like university assignments so I can map where they all are, but ultimately that’s all in my phone too!

    • Wow! That must be so handy to have everything on your phone calendar. I have tried it out but it never works out. So a proper diary is the only way for me :)

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