a few photography tips


A few weeks ago, I was asked by the sweet Raychael of Agent Mystery Case to guest post on photography. So if you’re curious on how you could improve your photos (whether for your blog or to simply capture life’s precious moments) and get a few tips, please do go and have a look around Agent Mystery Case.

Just on an end note, I would love to know what you think about the post? And also, if there any other blogging tips or posts which you would like me to do a feature on? It would be such a delight to hear from all my treasured readers!

Hope you’re having a sublime day.


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a touch of whimsy

As I’m still in the process of outfitting my studio with clever prints, I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect amount whimsy balanced with the right dose of wit. lordampersand.pins

Now wouldn’t these be a wise choice?

one | My Cape by Garance Doré
two | Mr Ampersand by Quill and Fox {or}
three | Bobby Pins by Rifle Paper Co.

Which one do you like best?


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a nod to times past + a touch of shine


Upon looking into a restaurant in the bustling city center of Perth, I came across the details for this beautiful home on Hardiman Street, Melbourne, developed by ODR artichects for LifeSpaceJourney.


With open spaced rooms abundant with natural light, the sparsely decorated white walls are the perfect backdrop for sculptures and art installations.


Classic filament lighting with Edison era globes give a stern nod to the cottage’s Victorian heritage.


Black painted door knobs recycled into a coat rack are perfectly juxtaposed with the grand front door, and I must say, that sure is a striking golden entrance.

Hope you’re having a sweet day.


Images via freshome

* Original article featured in Monument magazine: The Past is Present

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happy weekend


And oh, how the weekend is already here. Does it seems like the days are flying past us or is it just me? The last time I thought about it, I was lazing about on my front porch enjoying my long summer holiday. And yet to think that in two weeks, we are halfway through the first school term. New York and London fashion week have flown by and Autumn is soon upon us (hooray! I’ve had enough of Perth’s stifling heat and humidity). But before the weekend is over, here are a few weekend links:

(clockwise, from top left)
one | white on white, beautiful garlands that would be a delight in any room
two | chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, need I say more?
three | lovely geometric jewellery
four | a natural scrub with four simple ingredients
five | what beautiful floors!
six | a citrus wreath, such a different but clever gift

Happy weekend!


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postcards for ants


And for today, just a small treasure to share whilst I’m still running behind in so many projects, something whimsical and sweet – beautiful creations in the most minute size ever, all by the talented Lorraine Loots.



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Images: cape wheel | pinecones | hat | cape wagtail (by Lorraine Loots via a pair of pears)

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a new week + soft pastels


And already, a new week is upon us as we are past the half way mark of February. Summer in Australia (Perth at least) is still in full swing. Some may call us lucky but I can’t help but long for the crisp morning wind and the cool evenings that come with my beloved autumn. So in a longing for autumn, I bring to you lavender purple skirts, relaxed eggshell blue tweed jackets and even a cable knit cardigan in the most perfect shade of cream.02.03.lofficiel04.lofficiel05.lofficiel06.lofficiel07.lofficiel

Hope the weather is just perfect for you wherever you may be.


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Credits: Antonine Peduzzi and Luisa Orsini in the Garden of the Finzi-Contini by Mason Poole for L’Officiel Paris
Images by visual optimism via the terrier and lobster

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hello & happy valentines day


With piano lessons starting up again, time seems to pass by a touch too quickly than I realise. From a flood of emails to endless piles of paperwork, little time has been left to share inspiration. But with today being valentines day, just wanted to pop in briefly and say a quick hello to all and to wish you a sweet valentines day. Though on an end note, just a small question that my endearing husband, J, asked me, shouldn’t everyday be valentines day?

Hope you are having a beautiful day and that you are able to be with those who mean the world to you.


Image: photography by Nikolay Biryukov