diy: cocktail party


With the promise of warmer weather comes the time to clean up your outdoor patio and dust off those cocktail glasses as you prepare for the many parties that are sure to be held at your humble abode. And so here is a compilation of a few diys to make your party the talk of the town.

one | fancy flamingo invitations

Paper Leaf Wreath
two | fancy (but simply) decorations for guests to ooh and aah over

three | the perfect cocktail

four | a bit of party food {ok, so this isn’t a diy, but you can find a few of my favourite icecream recipes here}

five | the perfect muslin bags to fill with dainty gifts for your guests to take home

Any other ideas?


Top image by style me pretty via this is glamorous

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Ice Cream


“It’s never too cold for ice cream” said a clever young girl and I may have to agree with her. Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day in the U.S but that shouldn’t stop us in the small town of Perth from celebrating with them. So if you have an ice cream machine at home, I strongly urge you to try out one of these recipes in celebration of National Ice Cream Day.



Hope you are all well, especially those in Perth who are experiencing rather chilly weather.


Images: 1 Strawberry Swirl Buttermilk Ice Cream | 2 Fresh BlackBerry Ice Cream | 3 Honey Ice Cream

Hot Chocolate Party


With the school holidays just around the corner, I do believe that a hot chocolate party is required, especially since the mercury is continuing to drop lower and lower each evening. And for that to occur, you need a thick, and perhaps even spicy, hot chocolate recipe


fluffy white marshmallows…


the perfect cup…


… and a sweet movie playing whilst you are snuggled up next to a warm fire. My sister S is rather keen on The Place Beyond The Pines but I was thinking more of Sabrina or 500 Days Of Summer. Any recommendations?

No time for invitations? Head over to A Pair of Pears to find printable invitations as well as a lot of inspiration for the perfect winter’s night.

-The Fine Duchess

House Warming Gift Ideas


My dearest friend C has just recently moved into a new home and so I’ve been thinking that the latest release by Noritake would be the perfect gift – perfect, too, for a dinner party. They are affectionately known as BoB (Black on Black) and WoW (White on White) – rather clever marketing (if I may say so myself).

What else do you think would be a good gift for house warming? Art? Music?

-The Fine Duchess

Image via Style Me Pretty

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


For Mother’s Day, my dear brother, A, bought a set of bowls similar to these and many packets of mum’s favourite chocolates, whilst my fantastic sister S and I will be cooking up a storm. Whilst the specifics have not been planned out, there is sure to be something hearty (perhaps pumpkin soup or coq au vin), plenty of drinks and most definitely a delectable dessert.

Still haven’t gotten around getting a gift for you mum? How about…


a sweet cloud necklace by Jelanié


a monthly subscription to receive nutty snacks of goodness


this beautiful lamp (by New Zealand’s Joska & Sons) that can double as both table lamp or stretched into a towering floor lamp


or perhaps a huge silk-screened tea towel by Wit & Whistle?

Shops have all closed? Sometimes a sincere card of honest loving words is all she really wants. This printable card would be perfect!

Hope you all have a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend!

-The Fine Duchess

Throw And Grow Confetti


With the release of Niko Niko‘s new Throw & Grow Confetti, one no longer has to worry about the mess of regular confetti or be concerned with cleaning up the mess. The confetti is made from biodegradable paper-like paper, cut in shapes of blossoms. When thrown to the wind, the confetti (filled with seeds) will eventually become a lovely scattering of wildflowers.

Perhaps this would be  perfect for your next celebration.

May you all have a lovely weekend.


[Niko Niko via swissmiss via gizmodo]