a touch of whimsy

As I’m still in the process of outfitting my studio with clever prints, I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect amount whimsy balanced with the right dose of wit. lordampersand.pins

Now wouldn’t these be a wise choice?

one | My Cape by Garance Doré
two | Mr Ampersand by Quill and Fox {or}
three | Bobby Pins by Rifle Paper Co.

Which one do you like best?


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a nod to times past + a touch of shine


Upon looking into a restaurant in the bustling city center of Perth, I came across the details for this beautiful home on Hardiman Street, Melbourne, developed by ODR artichects for LifeSpaceJourney.


With open spaced rooms abundant with natural light, the sparsely decorated white walls are the perfect backdrop for sculptures and art installations.


Classic filament lighting with Edison era globes give a stern nod to the cottage’s Victorian heritage.


Black painted door knobs recycled into a coat rack are perfectly juxtaposed with the grand front door, and I must say, that sure is a striking golden entrance.

Hope you’re having a sweet day.


Images via freshome

* Original article featured in Monument magazine: The Past is Present

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A bit of science


Today, let us begin with a bit of inspiration of the scientific sorts. Majestic antlers, paper thin feathers, sparkling gems and delicate butterflies. These posters by Jessica Rose of Vol. 25 are simply lovely and would be perfect on my walls.

antlerstudy.vol25 featherpatterns.vol25 minerals&gems.vol25

Wishing you a lovely day and hope that you had a relaxing weekend.


[via design is mine]

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Paganin House


Just as summer seems to be winding down, wouldn’t it be a ball to host a glamorous pool party to celebrate the end of a glorious time. And what better venue for this spectacular event than at the Paganin House in Perth, designed by renowned Bulgarian-born architect Iwan Iwanoff.






The reflection of bright lights in the crystal blue water of the pool, the flow of champagne that never seems to stop and the hum of crickets on a balmy evening; the perfect ode to summer. Oh, a girl can dream.

Hope you are having a dreamy day wherever you are.


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Images: one, three and four by Acorn Photo | two and five by Maya of House Nerd

Organise { + some free stuff}

Starting the day with delicious coffee and french strawberry jam on toast, today has been spent ticking off items from my ever growing to do list; from finally sending off long overdue thank you notes to planning my timetable for the new school year, many errands have been completed but there are so many things that are tedious and time consuming. Things I have yet to complete include sorting out photos from 2013 that are patiently waiting for my attention, and finish off decorating my studio. But in the mean time, allow me to share with you a few goodies that might help you (and maybe me even more) keep things organised and the clutter at bay:

one | a lovely printable calendar by fashion blogger / graphic designer and typographer, Jasmine Dowling:

two | a to-do list, because you can never make enough lists for things that just need to get done

three | and lastly, for my fellow bloggers, a fantastic planner for your blog content from The Native New Yawker

What helps you get organised? Do you write things down with pen and paper, or are you one to use your phone more?

Hope you are having a delightful day and are all set for the weeks to come.


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holiday inspiration: five lovely diy’s

one | confetti filled frame

two | scalloped linen bag

three | christmas cards

four | vintage tin candles

five | clay monograms


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Free Printables: Gift Tags

It’s that time of year, when we are in a whirlwind of excitement as the holidays get closer and closer with each passing day. From sparkling fairy lights to Christmas carols echoing in the streets, festivity is all around. But allow me to offer you a small round up of fantastic printables. First up are an offering of festive gift tags to add a bit of colour to your presents:

02.EatDrinkChic.HolidayTagsone | Eat Drink Chic

two | How About Orange (free printable tags created for Avery gift tags)

three | My Girl Thursday

four | Design*Sponge

five | design editor
(a lovely set from last year)

Hope these tags help to offer some inspiration and help you out in your gift giving.

Happy Monday!


Christmas Tree Inspiration


This year, our christmas tree will not be the centre of attention due to the lack of space in my humble abode. And so, my good friend Luke helped me create the silhouette of a tree on one of our blank walls and I’m in the process of making a large quantity of snowflakes to decorate our “tree” with, as well as to stick on every single glass surface in our house. Even though it’s getting hotter as December progresses, perhaps the multitude of snowflakes will help me feel less uncomfortable in the scorching 40°C heat (gosh, wishful thinking, I know). So if you’re like me and lack the space, below are a few trees that may tickle your fancy:

Hope the weather is perfect where you are today.


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Images: top image | string + wash tape | rustic | christmas jars | shelf + garland | white tipped branches

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Pantone Colour of the Year


Have you heard the news? Pantone has recently announced that PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid will be the colour for year 2014, replacing this year’s colour, Emerald. What do you think? Would it be a colour that you’d wear, may it be a shirt or dress? Or would you prefer it more as an accent, say jewellery or shoes? Whether perfectly paired with rose gold or crisp white, I can imagine that it won’t be soon before long that many stores will be featuring this hue.


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four favourites: calendars


clockwise, from top left
scroll calendar, available from Present&Correct
year calendar by Erik Olovsson
ring calendar by Sebastian Bergne
paris perpetual calendar, available from pei design

My goodness, how this week has flown by. With emergency rehearsals, rescheduled piano students, school excursions and the rare tinkering of the black and white keys to accompany a choir, blog posts sure have been sparse. Just when I thought that lessons were winding down for the year, there are concerts to attend and dinners to bake for, let alone time to browse for gifts for those who are dear to me. But allow me to give you a kickstart on Christmas gift ideas; these calendars are so cleverly designed and would most definitely be a welcome gift. Which one would you like? I think I’m leaning towards ring calendar.


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