inspiration: dip dye

dip dyed pleats by @honorwoman via {thisisglamorous}

destination wedding invitations via oh so beautiful paper

Lily Cole for British Vogue. Photo by Tim Walker (2007) via yellowtrace

…just a little bit of lovely to kickstart your day.


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Perth’s culture, may it be in the field of fashion, design, art or music, is truly expanding. It was only in the past week that Sydney-based designer (but very much loved internationally), Josh Goot, flew into Perth to open his Spring/Summer 2013/14 collection at high end fashion boutique Ricarda (read about his visit here, as was featured in STM *mind the small text*). At the beginning of this year, independent media website Crikey published quite an interesting article about Perth flourishing arts scene. But to kickstart the upcoming season of festivals, here are some details on a night of fun in Leederville.

Date: Thursday 5 September
Venue: Oxford Street. Leederville
Time: 5.00pm – 9.00pm, with an after party at the Leederville Hotel
For more details on the schedule of the night, click here.

Perth fashion enthusiasts? Will you be going? I will definitely be there, so if you happen to see me, be bold and come say hi (it would honestly make my day). I promise I’ll be nice.


All The Fine Gentlemen


With the stormy weather of late, I can’t help but admire the gentlemen that cross my path who not only manage to stay warm but also dress in the most elegant ways, pairing the right colours and patterns with the right cut and material…

Gentleman01 Gentleman02 Gentleman05

What do you think about the colours and patterns? Perfect? Too much?

Hope you’re having a beautiful day, perhaps a little less blustery than mine.

-The Fine Duchess

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Sunday’s Child



…is blithe and gay, and what better way to be so than at an enormous picnic with your closest friends and family. So just before the working week begins again, Sunday’s child takes full opportunity to relax with her loved ones, may it be with a delicious picnic feast, a rowdy game of bocce (how could a game bocce be rowdy, you may ask. Trust me, with endearing younger ones and the family pets joining in, things very much have the potential to get out of hand) or lazily flipping through her favourite design magazines with the hum of chatter and the occasional burst of laughter (always from the cheeky ones) in the background.





Ad Campaign: Tommy Hilfiger. Meet the Hilfigers Fall/Winter 2010/11
Photographer: Craig McDean

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-The Fine Duchess

Saturday’s Child


…works hard for a living. She gets up early in the morning and is always the first one at the office. Amidst office meetings, correspondence of mail and researching for inspiration, she always makes a quick dash for coffee (a long macchiato, of course) at two o’clock in the afternoon at the corner cafe – a chance for some fresh air away from the stress of the office. Saturday’s child works late into the evening, is always last to leave the office, but on the weekends, indulges just the slightest bit with a visit to the local jazz bar after work.





Models: Karlie Kloss, Constance Jablonski, Hilary Rhoda (and Daphne Groeneveld)
Photographer: Venetia Scott
Issue: Self Service Fall-Winter 2012

-The Fine Duchess

Friday’s Child


…is loving and giving, but let’s have some fun and run with our imaginations. Friday’s girl is joined by the most dashing Mr and today brings us a love story.


Friday’s child is gentle and loving, believing in love and the happiness that can be found in it. The sweet couple begins with hot coffee and buttery croissants at a quaint cafe by the river, followed by a stroll amongst the beautiful architecture that surrounds the beautiful city they call home. Together, they explore antique bookshops, pick up a loaf of freshly baked bread from their local bakery and browse through seasonal produce at the markets as they think of what to cook for dinner. Whilst she wasn’t looking, her gentleman buys her a bouquet of pale pink peonies – when presented, was greeted with a laugh and a kiss. Late in the afternoon, she is feeling a bit peckish. So just before they head home, he buys her a pack of macarons, something to nibble on as they take the scenic route home. Oh, what a beautiful day it has been for Friday’s child.



Models: Sam Rollinson & Ondrey
Photographer: Nikolay Biryukov
Issue: Elle Ukraine September 2012
Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

Thursday’s Child


Thursday’s child has far to go. Some say the meaning behind that refers to how Thursday’s child may have to overcome many obstacles before she reaches her goals, but today, we’ll think of it in the more literal sense. Thursday’s child is taking one very long (but as always, luxurious and glamorous) train ride on the Orient Express.

AugusteAbeliunaite.YuvalHen 02



AugusteAbeliunaite.YuvalHen 01



-The Fine Duchess

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