hello & happy valentines day


With piano lessons starting up again, time seems to pass by a touch too quickly than I realise. From a flood of emails to endless piles of paperwork, little time has been left to share inspiration. But with today being valentines day, just wanted to pop in briefly and say a quick hello to all and to wish you a sweet valentines day. Though on an end note, just a small question that my endearing husband, J, asked me, shouldn’t everyday be valentines day?

Hope you are having a beautiful day and that you are able to be with those who mean the world to you.


Image: photography by Nikolay Biryukov



Over the past few months, I have been nominated for a number of blog awards from fellow wordpress bloggers. I would like to truly thank you all for thinking of me and but I bear the sad news that I am not able to accept them. With a limited amount of time each day to post,  I am not able to keep up with the questions that the awards require you to answer. But that’s not to say that the awards aren’t a fantastic way to introduce your blog to a wide range of  readers. So fellow bloggers who have been so kind, please know that it doesn’t go unnoticed. Despite bowing out of the awards that are so kindly being passed around, I want to give a small shout out and thank the following sweet bloggers:

Alica from Pin Up Picks Pen Up
Maggie from Kiss and Make-Me Up
Amanda from The Chef, His Wife and Their PERTH-fect life

A multitude of thanks for your support!




A family tradition is passed on as a pair of swans show the young cygnets to ring the bell for food at the 13th-Century Bishops Palace in Wells, Somerset. How clever is that? To read more of this sweet story, click here.

Hope you’re having a good start to the week.

-The Fine Duchess