Happy Weekend!


With the school weeks slowly coming to end, I sure am looking forward to sleeping for just an hour or two, though the Duke sure does agonise waking up while I’m snugly tucked in my cocoon of warmth. There is no rest for the poor Duke; he doesn’t get school holidays like me. However, he does get holiday pay/sick leave/superannuation/any pay that the average bear receives from a big company. As a freelancer, when I stop working, the money stops coming in. And so I have to find my ways of keeping a continuous flow in the holidays, may it be the odd workshop for my piano students or a holiday music camp that I may be so fortunate to teach and be a part of. But enough about money. The long awaited weekend is here! And as usual, here are some links from around the globe for you to enjoy.

Until next week!

DIY: speaking of globes, why not give this diy chalkboard a go?

Stay: wouldn’t it be glorious to stay at JK Place Capri? Sublime.

Home: some lovely design for your hallway or bedroom.

Etiquette: Thank you cards. So simple yet I am sure they bring much joy to the recipient.

Drink Up: the Old Fashioned

-The Fine Duchess

Image via Lonny Magazine (Issue: October/November 2010)