a few photography tips


A few weeks ago, I was asked by the sweet Raychael of Agent Mystery Case to guest post on photography. So if you’re curious on how you could improve your photos (whether for your blog or to simply capture life’s precious moments) and get a few tips, please do go and have a look around Agent Mystery Case.

Just on an end note, I would love to know what you think about the post? And also, if there any other blogging tips or posts which you would like me to do a feature on? It would be such a delight to hear from all my treasured readers!

Hope you’re having a sublime day.


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Organise { + some free stuff}

Starting the day with delicious coffee and french strawberry jam on toast, today has been spent ticking off items from my ever growing to do list; from finally sending off long overdue thank you notes to planning my timetable for the new school year, many errands have been completed but there are so many things that are tedious and time consuming. Things I have yet to complete include sorting out photos from 2013 that are patiently waiting for my attention, and finish off decorating my studio. But in the mean time, allow me to share with you a few goodies that might help you (and maybe me even more) keep things organised and the clutter at bay:

one | a lovely printable calendar by fashion blogger / graphic designer and typographer, Jasmine Dowling:

two | a to-do list, because you can never make enough lists for things that just need to get done

three | and lastly, for my fellow bloggers, a fantastic planner for your blog content from The Native New Yawker

What helps you get organised? Do you write things down with pen and paper, or are you one to use your phone more?

Hope you are having a delightful day and are all set for the weeks to come.


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holiday inspiration: five lovely diy’s

one | confetti filled frame

two | scalloped linen bag

three | christmas cards

four | vintage tin candles

five | clay monograms


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Happy Friday + weekend links

01.LonelyCity.Skyline.DesignedForLife 02.LonelyCity.bRead 03.LonelyCity.FloatingCandles.BellAlimento Processed with VSCOcam 05.LonelyCity.Fantaisie.LevBerry

one | a weekend project – create a skyline with washi tape
two | a freshly baked notebook
three |floating candles –  a beautiful festive idea for the home
four | new tape from oh hello, friend
five | free font!

And hooray, it’s the weekend. But unfortunately there is very little time for me to rest, with work continuing through the weekend and the days getting busier and busier as the holiday season is upon us. But perhaps you can take some time out on behalf of me. Maybe even take a look at one of the projects above that are so befitting to the weekend.

See you next week.


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Happy Monday


After a whirlwind of a week, only now I am able to sit down for the shortest of breaks and indulge in a quick post for you. Amidst the sounds of students picking out singular notes on the piano, too many versions of Somewhere Over the Rainbow for auditions and a to-do list so long that it’s a sight for sore eyes, here are a few things that have caught my eye this past week:

The Pencil Light, designed by Norwegian designer Caroline Olsson

Post it notes on the back of your phone. Yes? No?

The sweetest bedside table

An inspiring post on whether to go to design school or not

(I think a hot air balloon ride needs to go on the list of things I have to do in the next five years)

With things finally settling down, posts will hopefully be back on a daily schedule.

Happy Monday!


Top image: Installation by Gabriel Dawe

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diy: cocktail party


With the promise of warmer weather comes the time to clean up your outdoor patio and dust off those cocktail glasses as you prepare for the many parties that are sure to be held at your humble abode. And so here is a compilation of a few diys to make your party the talk of the town.

one | fancy flamingo invitations

Paper Leaf Wreath
two | fancy (but simply) decorations for guests to ooh and aah over

three | the perfect cocktail

four | a bit of party food {ok, so this isn’t a diy, but you can find a few of my favourite icecream recipes here}

five | the perfect muslin bags to fill with dainty gifts for your guests to take home

Any other ideas?


Top image by style me pretty via this is glamorous

{Perth locals: don’t forget to find me on facebook to get the know all on local events}

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Happy Weekend


The weekend is here, but what a shame that the blustery winds and persistent rains make me shy away from the adventure that awaits me, with the Perth Fashion Festival on its last legs  and so many cafes and restaurants on my list to try out. Oh, if only I were more brave and not nestled in my fort of blankets and pillows, going through the beautiful photos from the festival that have been uploaded by other bloggers (such as Where They Styled Things Are and Le Fanciulle) who have braved the weather and done a sensational job covering the event. But whilst I’m snug as a bug in a rug, allow me to share with you a few links for the weekend:






one: a collaboration between Audi and Bosendorf. Love it or hate it?
two: an DIY trivet that doesn’t even look handmade at all
three: a pie clock!
four: beautiful travel inspired wedding invitations
five: dogs + planes = awesomeness

And on an end note, did you see the photo of Anna Wintour, the Ice Queen of the fashion industry, slip a sweet smile when she was sitting next to little Harper Beckham at the recent Victoria Beckham show? It sure has caused quite a storm – Anna Wintour smile?! Amazing!


Anyway, hope you’re having a grand weekend!


Top image via Refinery 29

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Happy weekend


…though it may be more appropriate to welcome the new week. My my, how the weekend went by so fast. But before the week begins again, may I indulge you with a few lovely sketches from architect and artist Richard Seedorf. And as usual, a few links from around the world.



Images via sprk and can be purchased here.

Design: a vase that accepts a flower’s death and celebrates its beauty | design milk
Photography: polar bears performing water ballet | first seen on Design Crush
Wedding: beautiful travel inspired airmail wedding invitations
Encouragement: some uplifting words | oh, hello friend
DIY: super fun projects if you have a moment to spare | Poppytalk

Happy Weekend


…though the storms in Perth have settled into a light slumber for the time being, it still remains rather nippy outside. So perhaps my plan for what remains of the weekend will be to stay indoors, rugged up with a book in hand as the soft vocals of Katie Costello gently glides in the air above. And as usual, below are some lovely link for you to look through if you so desire. Happy weekend everyone.

Music: a side of Adele that is rarely seen – her cheeky sense of humour between songs. Concert venue: The Royal Albert Hall
Design: loving the details of Melbourne’s The Town Mouse. Their business cards glow in the dark!
Fashion: carousels + valentino = perfection
Paper: modern DIY Save The Date
Drink Up: dark berry, rosemary and juniper fizz 

-The Fine Duchess

PS. Perth readers, did anyone go to see James Blake at The Astor Theatre on the weekend? What did you think? I loved it! And to those who aren’t in Perth, do you like James Blake’s style/music? Something rather different, isn’t it?

Image: The Library Bar at the NoMad Hotel via MODCo Creative