Dinner + Menulog

On a cold winter’s evening, after a long day of teaching little ones the art of the piano, the wind was howling and the rain ever so persistent. Feeling content lounging beneath a mountain of blankets, I was honestly too exhausted to leave the warmth behind and conjure up some dinner for J and I. On any other night, we would have ducked down to the local Italian restaurant to order a few gourmet pizzas or pick up some Japanese from our favourite sushi bar but with the weather as it was, we decided to indulge a bit and have our dinner delivered instead.

Menulog is one of Australia’s biggest sites for ordering food for a night in and is a big supporter of local businesses. As a keen supporter of local restaurants and cafes, placing an order with Menulog seemed like a natural step. Looking through the database of local restaurants, we settled on a small family owned Italian restaurant, Pasta Fiesta, a place we’ve passed by on so many occasions but hadn’t yet had the chance to try out. With such a chill in the air, we had our minds set on a robust meal so decided on the Tortellini Romana (beef filled tortellini with tomato sauce) and Fettucine Inverno (chicken + pesto + avocado – J’s favourite). As a bonus for ordering over $30.00, Pasta Fiesta offered us a free portion of garlic bread, which was most welcome.


When our meal arrived, not only was it done so promptly, it was steaming hot and came just as the sky opened up and the rain poured out – perfect timing for a hot meal. The garlic bread was generously seasoned and moist, the tortellini well balanced with the creamy tomato sauce, and fettucine, a perfect marriage between chicken, pesto and avocado. All in all, our venture into online ordering was a success and we would gladly do it again.

LonelyCity.Menulog02 LonelyCity.Menulog03

Hope that you’re staying nice and warm (if you’re going through the cold weather of winter) and that you’re having a splendid day.


(Photos by Luke Klingenberg for Lonely City. This post was sponsored by Menulog; all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own)


happy weekend


And oh, how the weekend is already here. Does it seems like the days are flying past us or is it just me? The last time I thought about it, I was lazing about on my front porch enjoying my long summer holiday. And yet to think that in two weeks, we are halfway through the first school term. New York and London fashion week have flown by and Autumn is soon upon us (hooray! I’ve had enough of Perth’s stifling heat and humidity). But before the weekend is over, here are a few weekend links:

(clockwise, from top left)
one | white on white, beautiful garlands that would be a delight in any room
two | chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, need I say more?
three | lovely geometric jewellery
four | a natural scrub with four simple ingredients
five | what beautiful floors!
six | a citrus wreath, such a different but clever gift

Happy weekend!


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Lemon muffins


With my lemon tree yielding an incredible amount of fruit this year, so much of it goes to waste if I’m not careful and let them fall into the deep jungle that surrounds it. We’ve used them in plenty of gin and tonics, salads, lemonade, and I’ve even given a few bags to friends and family. With upcoming class parties to host and celebrations to attend, I have come across what seems to be the perfect combination of sweet and sour goodness: deliciously moist lemon muffins + plenty of lemon icing + candied lemon zest. Sounds amazing, no? If you’re keen like me, click here for the recipe.


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Top image by Izy of Top With Cinnamon

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If I had to choose only one cake to eat


…the Black Forest, hands down, would be the winner.

Growing up with a mum as a pastry chef, I have been exposed to a wide variety of cakes from a young age. From the rich coffee liquor of the opera cake to contrast between bittersweet dark chocolate and tanginess of the apricot jam of the sachertorte, I have tried so many that brought my taste buds such delight. But for me, the black forest is the one that stands out from the crowd. With the tartness of the cherries cutting through the rich dark chocolate sponge, the perfect slice is delicately finished with freshly whipped cream. Goodness, just writing about this is bringing forth my sugar cravings!

For a fine recipe of this classic, click here for the original (with beautiful photographs) and here for the recipe in english.


What cake or dessert would you choose?


All images by Kathrin Koschitzki of photisserie

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Fika – a beautiful cookbook


On a small expedition to Ikea to browse through the latest additions to their collections, I came across the most beautifully styled cookbook I’d seen in a long time. Each ingredient used in the recipe is carefully laid out with exact precision, each clove identical to its neighbour and every piece of chocolate positioned with the greatest care. The work of photographer Carl Kleiner and stylist Evelina Bratell has resulted in this exquisite book where everything is broken down to its simplest form and yet is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Perhaps this will encourage me to dust off the cake tins and whip up a bit of magic in the kitchen.



Fika.02 Fika.06


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