Happy Weekend


Happy weekend everyone! Have any big plans? Today, J and I had a lovely stroll through Hyde Park and spotted these beautiful swans and their little ones. Isn’t it nice to just pause and marvel at the beauty around us, even if it’s as simple as the warmth of the afternoon sun on a cold and chilly day? As usual, here a few links for you weekend:






one: free iPhone wallpapers | Eat Drink Chic
two: beautiful artwork Hair Studies by Brittany Schalls | Design Crush
three: the coolest candle holders ever |Design Milk
four: Garance Doré is writing a book! So excited to see what she will come up with | Garance Doré
five: lovely office inspiration


Emmanuelle Alt


And who is Emmanuelle Alt, you may say? Nothing special really… except that she is one of the most amazing women in the fashion industry (!), Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris. With barely brushed hair, minimal make up and a fierce, determined look in her eyes, Alt is the embodiment of polished French chic. And also – she just recently joined instagram! (I have to admit that I heard this news by means of Garance Dore – I’m not clever enough to keep up with all the gossip)



How is it that she looks so comfortable and chic and yet so polished, at the same time? It must be the blazers. Perhaps that is the answer to after all. Want to dress like Emmanuelle Alt? Throw on a pair of jeans (not too long though – must end at the ankles), thread a belt, carelessly tuck in only the front of your shirt, and reach for your nearest blazer. And voila! You too are now the embodiment of french chic! Mind you, it does help if you have a bit of the french blood in you in the first place, just saying…


Ah, that navy blazer. So beautiful. So perfect with its gold buttons. I would sure get a glare if my sister S reads this. She thinks I am too obsessed with navy everything – navy blazer, navy dress, navy heels, navy blanket (with crisp white sheets), etc etc. You get the idea. I see it more as a fascination. A fierce admiration. I don’t know. Come on, don’t judge now. What do you have a fierce fascination with?


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Need something to cheer you up? Read this hilarious article by Garance Doré. Her take on swimsuit shopping rings true for many us (including me), despite her humorous presentation of it:

“1. Tanify {is that even a word?}

2. Minimize {more like maximise}

3. Beyonceify {goodness, the words that Garance Doré comes up with. And my favourite one:}

7. Do a shot of ice-cold vodka before hand”

Sorry boys, not sure if this post is of any interest to you but don’t let me stop you from getting a good laugh yourself.


Image via Garance Doré

Have a relaxing weekend


Over the weekend, festivities are being laid out as many people all over the globe will celebrate Cinco de Mayo and National Children’s Day (Japan). What are your favourite holidays? As usual, below are some links that might delight you.

Have a good weekend!

Music: a special feature from a favourite film of mine (brace yourself though- it does get a bit cheesy)

DIY: Build your own paper globe or hang a colourful banner to brighten up a room

Fashion: Loving this Charlotte Olympia Clutch and  Jennifer Zeuner Clover Bracelet (via Gary Pepper)

Photography: 7 Ways To Look Better In Photos

Stationery: This tape would sure come in handy

Drink Up: in honour of Cinco De Mayo, have a margherita or check out this awesome infographic

Living: some ideas for a healthier lifestyle here, here and here (courtesy of {frolic!})

Home: which do you prefer? Rustic or modern?

Business: beautiful gilded business cards. Perhaps it’s time for me to upgrade?

-The Fine Duchess

Image via Eat Drink Chic

Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend


Whilst spring is a-coming in so many lands, autumn has only truly begun in this little city. Tomorrow promises another street festival, perhaps one of the last as the days get shorter and the chill sets in.

Hope everyone has a chance to slow down and relax this weekend.

Music: the beautiful and sultry voice of Melody Gardot

Humor: Bic pens for women. Really? I guess it’s not something you see everyday

Food: So excited to dine here soon.

Travel: never realised that places like this existed – so unique

Drink up: the Duke is a big fan of the Dark and Stormy

Paper: did you ever play with this type of doll when you were young? Your sister perhaps?

Home: if you are in the mood for some cleaning and organising, try this

-The Fine Duchess

Image via wolf-fairy-wings