A quick hello


It has been a whirlwind of a month; the cold frosty mornings are no longer around and the sun pours through the bedroom in the most beautiful shades of spring. The camping trip to Yellingup for a weekend getaway was a great success, though oddly, I fell to a case of the flu a week afterwards – dizzy spells and pounding head aches led me to many days in bed to recover. What a strange feeling it was, to have no choice but to rest with work cancelled for the week. But at least it was time well spent – happily rewatched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

All better and ready to face work again, I have since been swamped with numerous choral works to learn, timetables to juggle and too little time left over to enjoy the beauty that comes from the first breath of Spring. But as it is for all, suppose we should seize all opportunities that life presents us and indulge in those small but precious moments – lingering in a hug, the laughter of a little one or the stillness of the morning air before the rush of a busy day. Today is a quick hello but hopefully will lead to a stream of posts and bursts of inspiration.

Hope that you are all having a splendid week.


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happy monday


All too quickly, the weekend has come and gone. The warm autumn days started with coffee, always coffee, accompanied by soft boiled eggs with toast, leading to light lunches out on the porch. Then in the evening, a robust dinner of lasagna followed by a get together in the far hills for the most beautiful night of stargazing. Plush blankets were laid out, sweet drinks passed around and magnificent telescopes were set up. There was a glimpse of Jupiter and its three moons neatly lined up in a row, the magic of the Milky Way, and all this was topped off by my first spotting of a shooting star.

Hope you all had a romantic weekend.


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hello & happy valentines day


With piano lessons starting up again, time seems to pass by a touch too quickly than I realise. From a flood of emails to endless piles of paperwork, little time has been left to share inspiration. But with today being valentines day, just wanted to pop in briefly and say a quick hello to all and to wish you a sweet valentines day. Though on an end note, just a small question that my endearing husband, J, asked me, shouldn’t everyday be valentines day?

Hope you are having a beautiful day and that you are able to be with those who mean the world to you.


Image: photography by Nikolay Biryukov

A quick hello






Amidst small bursts of work here and there, a drive this evening for some star gazing, and coffee, always freshly ground coffee, just a quick hello from me to you before we start the weekend. Following this week, posts will hopefully jump back onto the road of design, but for now, a little bit of romance and a touch of sparkle. Whoever said that we can’t indulge a bit?


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