In the Office: Pencils

Sideshow.canoecase1Canoe Pencil Case with Message Pencils

Being a piano teacher-conductor-pianist, I have to go through music on a daily basis, whether it is writing in performance indications, which fingers to use or simply writing in enormous big capital letters to play a certain note (or at times, what note not to play). And what tool would I use most often to do the most humble but important jobs? The pencil of course. And so below, I present to you four lovely pencils (or sets of pencils) that any piano teacher would be delightful to be owner of.


one | two | three | four 

And to keep your pencils always on hand instead of all over your desk, here are a few nifty cases:


five | six | seven | eight 

Happy Monday!


PS. The legendary Blackwing Palomino Pencils can be locally purchased from Studio Bomba

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Models: Karlie Kloss, Constance Jablonski, Hilary Rhoda (and Daphne Groeneveld)
Photographer: Venetia Scott
Issue: Self Service Fall-Winter 2012

-The Fine Duchess

In the Office: Letter Openers


Clockwise, beginning from the top left hand corner: 1. Brass Squirrel by Jonathan Adler 2. Ruled Letter Opener by Izola 3. Zeus! by Greece Is For Lovers 4. Birdie by Een Nieuw Avontuur

Just the other day, I received a large amount of mail, so much that prying them open with my bare hands was not exactly the best option. So as I opened my kitchen drawer in search of a small knife, it occurred to me that perhaps it is time to purchase a letter opener. Sure, you may say that a knife will do the job just fine, but a pretty (or comical) letter opener is a much more inviting option.

Which one would you like?

-The Fine Duchess

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