First Monday, Then Tuesday


It seems as if Monday has flown by with me barely realising its presence, and after a short slumber, Tuesday will greet me from behind rain clouds and drops of dew rolling off leaves. But before we let Monday run through our fingertips into the dark shadows of the night, I will leave you with a few links from the weekend:

In the office: Desk Clocks | a roundup by Oh So Beautiful Paper

Gold: A necklace that when spun reveal the words “I love you

Wear: This beautiful dress by no other than the amazing Elie Saab

Hope you have had a splendid day.


(The source of this image is unknown. If you know of it, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to include it)


Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


For Mother’s Day, my dear brother, A, bought a set of bowls similar to these and many packets of mum’s favourite chocolates, whilst my fantastic sister S and I will be cooking up a storm. Whilst the specifics have not been planned out, there is sure to be something hearty (perhaps pumpkin soup or coq au vin), plenty of drinks and most definitely a delectable dessert.

Still haven’t gotten around getting a gift for you mum? How about…


a sweet cloud necklace by Jelanié


a monthly subscription to receive nutty snacks of goodness


this beautiful lamp (by New Zealand’s Joska & Sons) that can double as both table lamp or stretched into a towering floor lamp


or perhaps a huge silk-screened tea towel by Wit & Whistle?

Shops have all closed? Sometimes a sincere card of honest loving words is all she really wants. This printable card would be perfect!

Hope you all have a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend!

-The Fine Duchess