A quick hello


It has been a whirlwind of a month; the cold frosty mornings are no longer around and the sun pours through the bedroom in the most beautiful shades of spring. The camping trip to Yellingup for a weekend getaway was a great success, though oddly, I fell to a case of the flu a week afterwards – dizzy spells and pounding head aches led me to many days in bed to recover. What a strange feeling it was, to have no choice but to rest with work cancelled for the week. But at least it was time well spent – happily rewatched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

All better and ready to face work again, I have since been swamped with numerous choral works to learn, timetables to juggle and too little time left over to enjoy the beauty that comes from the first breath of Spring. But as it is for all, suppose we should seize all opportunities that life presents us and indulge in those small but precious moments – lingering in a hug, the laughter of a little one or the stillness of the morning air before the rush of a busy day. Today is a quick hello but hopefully will lead to a stream of posts and bursts of inspiration.

Hope that you are all having a splendid week.


Image by Belgrave Crescent



Dinner + Menulog

On a cold winter’s evening, after a long day of teaching little ones the art of the piano, the wind was howling and the rain ever so persistent. Feeling content lounging beneath a mountain of blankets, I was honestly too exhausted to leave the warmth behind and conjure up some dinner for J and I. On any other night, we would have ducked down to the local Italian restaurant to order a few gourmet pizzas or pick up some Japanese from our favourite sushi bar but with the weather as it was, we decided to indulge a bit and have our dinner delivered instead.

Menulog is one of Australia’s biggest sites for ordering food for a night in and is a big supporter of local businesses. As a keen supporter of local restaurants and cafes, placing an order with Menulog seemed like a natural step. Looking through the database of local restaurants, we settled on a small family owned Italian restaurant, Pasta Fiesta, a place we’ve passed by on so many occasions but hadn’t yet had the chance to try out. With such a chill in the air, we had our minds set on a robust meal so decided on the Tortellini Romana (beef filled tortellini with tomato sauce) and Fettucine Inverno (chicken + pesto + avocado – J’s favourite). As a bonus for ordering over $30.00, Pasta Fiesta offered us a free portion of garlic bread, which was most welcome.


When our meal arrived, not only was it done so promptly, it was steaming hot and came just as the sky opened up and the rain poured out – perfect timing for a hot meal. The garlic bread was generously seasoned and moist, the tortellini well balanced with the creamy tomato sauce, and fettucine, a perfect marriage between chicken, pesto and avocado. All in all, our venture into online ordering was a success and we would gladly do it again.

LonelyCity.Menulog02 LonelyCity.Menulog03

Hope that you’re staying nice and warm (if you’re going through the cold weather of winter) and that you’re having a splendid day.


(Photos by Luke Klingenberg for Lonely City. This post was sponsored by Menulog; all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own)

a few photography tips


A few weeks ago, I was asked by the sweet Raychael of Agent Mystery Case to guest post on photography. So if you’re curious on how you could improve your photos (whether for your blog or to simply capture life’s precious moments) and get a few tips, please do go and have a look around Agent Mystery Case.

Just on an end note, I would love to know what you think about the post? And also, if there any other blogging tips or posts which you would like me to do a feature on? It would be such a delight to hear from all my treasured readers!

Hope you’re having a sublime day.


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Photographer: Christine Lim

Today has been filled with errands, beginning with a lovely lingering breakfast with my dear sister, a short drive into the city, one too many cups of coffee, and ending with a heart warming dinner with all the family. And so now I am able to take a bit of time and introduce you to the charming work of Christine Lim.02.ChristineLim
In every single photo, Christine beautifully captures each moment. From the warm afternoon sun setting behind a grand vineyard to the roaring cheers of wedding guests as they give applause to the newlywed couple, no detail is left behind. 03.ChristineLim







Beautiful, no?

Hope that you have had a lovely day and were able to take some time out to indulge just a little.


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[All images used with permission from Christine Lim Photography]

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I’m baaaack!


And so I am back to writing again, after a generous amount of time off . From Christmas dinners and backyard barbecues (remember, I do live in the Australia where we are we go through heat waves and sweltering summers, instead of your beautiful white winters) to picnics with close friends and family as spectators to dazzling fireworks which ring in the new year, the time to recuperate was much needed and brought about many moments of reflection. So here are a few things I’m hoping to aim or achieve this year…




So again, I wish you a joyous new year! May your days linger with magic and beauty, and your nights filled with treasured moments with dear ones. And I hope that Lonely City can continue to inspire you just as much as you have all inspired me so.

-Thi xo

Exigo 2013

My oh my how the days have so swiftly passed. The latter half of November was filled with music concerts, artistic showcases, and graduations, so many graduations. And now December is upon us and the festive inspiration will trickle in. But before we leap into gift guides and all things colourful, I must show you the young Perth designers from Polytechnic West who recently held a grand runway showcasing each student’s collection.

And so I present to you Exigo:

Naomi Randall

Hayley Mosenthal

Chanelle Gibbs

Claudia Princi

Charissa Schlink

Joshua Berthelsen

Natalie Rolt

Nadia Chisari

Sally Geach

Jess Stobie

Mya Vreugdenburg

Sair Kelly

Emily Lewien

Sharnah Abbott

Susan Tran (that’s my sister’s collection) (she won range of the year!!)

Monica Blaauw

Alana Opden-Akker

Kirsty Payne

Adrian Woolnough

Most Outstanding Design Award: Naomi Randall
Gerber Training CAD Award: Charissa Schlink
Range of the Year Award: Susan Tran
Periscope Mentor Program: Chanelle Gibbs
Xpress Fashion Graduate Award: Charissa Schlink
Most Consistent Student of the Year Award: Claudia Princi
Product Management Award: Alana Opden-Akker
Textile Innovation Award: Mya Vreugdenburg
Design Development Award: Adrian Woolnough
Student of the Year: Naomi Randall

{two favourites}
one | Chanelle Gibbs
Big fan of the use of laser cutting and heat setting on the acrylic, in addition to the my favourite dress of her collection (pictured above). The shorter side of navy blue (it looks much darker in real time) greatly contrasts with the rest of the dress, cutting a very flattering silhouette.
two | Naomi Randall
Love her opening dress (also pictured above)(my obsession with the darker hues of blue, may it be navy or indigo or cobalt, doesn’t seem to wane does it?), from the colour to the gathered skirt to the pops of  orange and yellow. Beautiful!

Translating from Latin to befittingly mean to complete, Exigo was held at the magnificent Crown Perth and attracted over 600 guests; many that night were friends and family but there were a few among the crowd who were big names in the industry, ready to offer jobs to the cream of the crop. My sister, Susan Tran, won the range of the year award not only due to her strong tailored designs but also because of her digitally printed fabric, which she designed herself.

At the end of the show, she was approached by one of Western Australia’s most exclusive names in bridal and evening wear, Samantha Wynne, offering Susan to be a part of the design team at her boutique in Mt Hawthorn. As the congratulations were winding down, Susan was then approached by the talented stylist Emily Howlett seeking permission to use her collection for a photo shoot in collaboration with the beautiful Gabrielle Sullivan and to be captured by the amazing Stef King. And so here is a sneak peak of the photo shoot:


Beautiful, no? (I love the little fire monster that sits in the middle of the skirt. Can you see it?)

And just when we all thought the excitement over Susan’s collection is over, she tells me that she has just express posted one of her works to North Bondi for another photo shoot! If I may be so bold as to say, I truly think she might make quite a name for herself. But I’m sure she’s not the only one from the night who has met with such success. So if you’re still reading, well done! And thank you for letting me brag (just a little) about my little sister and all her hard work.

So to finish off, I leave you with a few more photos ( of a more lighthearted nature) of the fantastic night we had at Exigo, graduation of class 2013:

For more write ups on the event, do stop by The Fashion Catalyst or adornYou.


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ps. don’t forget to stay updated as the festive DIYs and holiday inspiration comes flooding in.

Images: all runway images by Songy Knox // Marina halter top and Marina flare skirt: designed by Susan Tran of San Cora Photographer Stef King Model Gabrielle Sullivan Stylist Emily Howlett // images at the end by my dear friend Luke Klingenberg

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Andrew Christie – A Good Looking Man


As I was browsing the archives for locally produced furniture for my studio, I came across the amazing works by Andrew Christie of A Good Looking Man. Creating amazing furniture out of wood (most of which is recycled), Andrew wears many hats and is a truly talented being. He is currently the anchor tenant at the Production Floor at the newly opened MYRE Building in Fremantle. For more information about his works and workshops, visit his website here. Or if you have some time on your hands, click here to read an interview with Andrew Christie on We Love Perth.



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Happy Weekend

Amidst polished pianos, piles of beautiful thick paper and the recent weather heating up so much it seems to have caught everyone by surprise,  the week is at an end. With the weekend beckoning at us, there are talks of trips to the beach, early coffees on our patio and picnics to be planned as we take advantage of the pleasant temperature that still remains, at least until the intense heat of the summer invades our city. But until then, here are a few weekend links from around the globe:01.ACupOfJo.ChristmasParties





one | a fantastic idea on taking photos are Christmas parties
two | what a brilliant idea for a birthday present
three | I think these glasses were made just for me
four | a scratch and sniff wine book. Yes, I said scratch and sniff
five | a sweet print of blueberries in a bowl. Speaking of blueberries, they taste amazing brownies. Especially these brownies. I tried it this morning.

And Perth locals, don’t forget about the following events happening this week:
+ Carnaval Macabre (25 October – 03 November)
+Italian Fireworks Night {sounds amazing!} (8 November)
+Festival Batizado (02 November)

Have a lovely weekend.


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Yuniko Studio


My recent fascination with all types of ceramic wares and handcrafted treasures has led me to discover the elegant pieces by Anthea Carboni of Yuniko Studio. From birds going around in circles to cute and clever cats, each piece is of pure organic beauty and utterly charming.

 Anthea is heavily inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, the acceptance of that which is imperfect, with the aesthetic sometimes described as a beauty being found in the “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” This is prominently seen in so many of her creations and is what draws such a vast following to her work.

Based in Perth, these exsquisite ceramics can be found at Nell’s Emporium & Cafe in Mosman Park or at her etsy store.


{such a perfect amount of whimsy}


{indigo dyed fabrics + sweet clay buttons}


05YunikoStudio{this one is my favourite!}

For more information on Yuniko Studio, head over to The Design Files or Style and Focus for a read up on their interviews with Anthea Carboni.

Hope you’re having the perfect amount of whimsy where you are today.


Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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