First Comes Love 2013

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On a lovely Spring morning, Susan and I had the chance to visit the First Comes Love fair, held on the beautiful grounds of St Georges College. Upon arrival, we were greeted with the most delightful goodie bag containing not only the information of all businesses who took part but also a selection of letterpressed goods too. Walking through the grand rooms of St Georges College, we were greeted with friendly faces, all eager to show us their goods and talents. From fragrant floral arrangements to elegantly styled dinner tables to a wide selection bow ties, everywhere you looked was a filled with magnificent styling.

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For more amazing photos of the event and perhaps even some inspiration for your own wedding or party, have a look at the lovely stills taken by the Angela Higgins and Le Fanciulle.



In the Office: Pencils

Sideshow.canoecase1Canoe Pencil Case with Message Pencils

Being a piano teacher-conductor-pianist, I have to go through music on a daily basis, whether it is writing in performance indications, which fingers to use or simply writing in enormous big capital letters to play a certain note (or at times, what note not to play). And what tool would I use most often to do the most humble but important jobs? The pencil of course. And so below, I present to you four lovely pencils (or sets of pencils) that any piano teacher would be delightful to be owner of.


one | two | three | four 

And to keep your pencils always on hand instead of all over your desk, here are a few nifty cases:


five | six | seven | eight 

Happy Monday!


PS. The legendary Blackwing Palomino Pencils can be locally purchased from Studio Bomba

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In the Office: Birthday Cards


1. & 2The Distillery

In all honesty, perhaps birthday cards aren’t quite in the office category, but there’s nothing wrong with having a nice stack of cards on hand for that emergency or to wish someone a last minute birthday. With Jeremy’s (my dear husband) birthday being a week away, I’ve been looking into getting not only one card but perhaps an assortment of clever and witty cards to always have at my desk.


3. Fluid Ink Letterpress


4. Fluid Ink Letterpress


5. The Little Press | 6. Bespoke Letterpress


7. Olive and the Volcano

What do you think? These delightful cards (all letterpressed) are produced locally in Perth (Fluid Ink Letterpress and The Little Press) and from over east (The Distillery, Bespoke Letterpress and Olive and the Volcano).

I think the “hippo-birdy-two-ewes” card might be the perfect one for Jeremy. Do you have a favourite?


Weekend + 5 links


The holidays are here! And to kick them off, the Duke and I are off to the museum to have a look at the latest exhibition – Secrets of the Afterlife. After that, perhaps we will take a stroll to the Venn Gallery and have a look at their latest exhibition. Leaving you with five links that have been bookmarked just for you, I bid you goodbye – the weekend awaits me!

Humour: what British people say vs. what they really mean | A Cup of Jo

Design: a beautiful chair | Lonny

Stationery: writing utensils | Design Milk

Weddings: navy | Oh So Beautiful Paper

Drink Up: how to smoke a cocktail | Gizmodo

Happy weekend!

-The Fine Duchess

Image via exploreUK

In the Office: Business Cards #01


So my sister, S, has been thinking of snapping up a set of business as a part of her portfolio (she is in her last year of Fashion at Polytechnic West). Being the one who whittles away too much time on certain paper/stationery and design blogs, and having the tendency to dabble in a bit of design myself, my hand went up to help her design her cards. And so, whilst browsing through my collection of cards, I find myself taking quite the liking to those with a coloured edge.






My current business cards are rather minimalist, white with dark grey writing. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a newer, brighter me?

More inspiration for business cards will be coming soon. If you don’t think you can wait that long, check out carddsgn, lovely stationery or oh so beautiful paper.

Hope you all have had a lovely day. Until tomorrow…

-The Fine Duchess

Angove Street Festival: a sidenote

Before I end this long day in blissful rest, I almost forgot to bring to light the fantastic little shop, Future Shelter.

Started by husband and wife team, Jane King and Adam Coffey, I have been told by a truly reliable source that Jane has quite the talent for the arts, whilst Adam is quite the brain. Of course this makes sense since Jane has a Masters in Printed Textiles and Adam a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The possession of such knowledge and talent is truly  shown in the wide range of products available in their shop, from their delightful homewares to their cute fashion accessories and stationery.

The North Perth workshop is currently home to machines for screen printing, laser cutting, a mini CNC machine, digital printing and tea making facilities.

HairclipsFutureShelter Future.Shelter.ServingBoard3

And with that I am off to slumber. Sweet dreams.

-The Fine Duchess

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