Pippa Jenkings


…with Australia Day around the corner, it won’t be long til the house is a flurry of activity. With a big barbecue to celebrate the momentous occasion, there will good company, the echo of laughter and perhaps even a selection of refreshing cocktails for all to partake in. With only one more month of summer left, today’s inspiration for a picnic and barbecue seems to have come at the perfect time.


Vintage and retro, bubbles and champagne, the Vichy Collection by Australian Pippa Jenkings is a marvellous collection. Inspired by Bridgette Bardot, the playful pieces are made of 100% cotton in the beautiful city of Paris. How incredible it must be to own a piece of the collection…




Soft green grass beneath your feet and the rusty afternoon sun as a backdrop, just as the cool sea breeze lingers in the air; now wouldn’t that be a perfect summer afternoon.

Hope that you are having a dreamy day wherever you may be.


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Happy Weekend

Amidst polished pianos, piles of beautiful thick paper and the recent weather heating up so much it seems to have caught everyone by surprise,  the week is at an end. With the weekend beckoning at us, there are talks of trips to the beach, early coffees on our patio and picnics to be planned as we take advantage of the pleasant temperature that still remains, at least until the intense heat of the summer invades our city. But until then, here are a few weekend links from around the globe:01.ACupOfJo.ChristmasParties





one | a fantastic idea on taking photos are Christmas parties
two | what a brilliant idea for a birthday present
three | I think these glasses were made just for me
four | a scratch and sniff wine book. Yes, I said scratch and sniff
five | a sweet print of blueberries in a bowl. Speaking of blueberries, they taste amazing brownies. Especially these brownies. I tried it this morning.

And Perth locals, don’t forget about the following events happening this week:
+ Carnaval Macabre (25 October – 03 November)
+Italian Fireworks Night {sounds amazing!} (8 November)
+Festival Batizado (02 November)

Have a lovely weekend.


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