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Have a beautiful day.

-The Fine Duchess

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Over the weekend, the Duke and I had a quiet night away from the stormy weather and watched Stephen Fry‘s Bright Young Things, a film adaptation of  Evelyn Waugh’s 1930 novel Vile Bodies. Of all the characters in the film, I must say that I was truly charmed by Agatha Runcible (played by Fenella Woolgar) who finished a majority of her sentences with “daaaarling!” Not only that, her tomboy-esque ensembles are quite the envy:


The tuxedo. I must say that it looks really quite good on her. With her sharp features and endearing bob, it is perfect for her and I can’t quite imagine her in a dress full of frills and lace.


Though the ensemble above may seem rather masculine, with a leather jacket paired with a suit and tie, the feminine touches are all in the details here. The black beret must be all the rage in London during 1930s as it is sported by so many characters in the film. Add to that a sweet pink and yellow scarf and quite the most interesting gloves – black and white thin diagonal stripes, with long black tips for the fingers and a slanted cut off at the wrists; they seem, to me, to be rather fitting for Cruella de Vil. On second thoughts, Cruella de Vil is not nearly as chic as Agatha and wouldn’t do any justice to the gloves.


Aah, the tweed suit. So befitting of Agatha, and the yellow tie matching the beautiful yellow vest of supporting actor Miles (played by Michael Sheen). Don’t they just look grand? I don’t often see people in my city dressed up like that these days. And just one more photo to finish the round up on Agatha’s amazing tomboy style:


…my my, doesn’t she just look eccentric?! With the classic driving goggles perching on top of that blonde bob and a wide smile on her face, she looks like she enjoying herself, does she not?

And the scenery. Don’t even get me started. Perhaps a post for another rainy day? Who knows.

Hope you’re all having a good start to the week. Only two more weeks left before it is once again the school holidays. And I can then spend my days lounging around the house and doing absolutely nothing and being absolutely useless, all in the name of taking a break and relaxing, of course.

-The Fine Duchess

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