In a few weeks time, a small group of close friends and I will be heading to the glorious south of Perth for a weekend of camping. With it being winter, there will be thick cable knits and warm woollen scarves with a touch of cashmere to keep it soft, a mix between the cozy wraps to keep the chill away in the evening and a baker boy hat for morning trips into the woods (more like the lush wine regions of the south). Though the nights will be cold, it will be filled with gatherings around the fire as we share stories known to very few; and amongst all that, laughter will ring true as the flames dance in the winter night.

Daydreaming of the getaway aside, here are five things that belong on a winter camping trip:


A parka to keep the warmth in and the rain out


A carry-all for all your gear.


A moka pot – an absolute essential


Cable knit pull over for those chilly mornings


And lastly, your most trusted pair of boots.

Hope you’ve had a lovely start to the week.


Top image from lookbook of Spanish brand Nice Things by Paloma S. (via Kittenhood)


wanderlust: olso, norway


It has almost been two years since my husband and I were in Norway for our honeymoon, but how amazing that trip was that almost everyday, something will come up and remind us of that glorious time. Though we spent most of our time in the capital, Oslo, we were able to be on the Norway in a Nutshell tour, which took us to the majestic fjords and allowed us to have a glimpse of the beautiful snow capped mountains.

a view from The Thief hotel

fresh berries from street vendors

ice cream from Paradis

macarons from Pascal


coffee at Stockfleths

Is there somewhere that you dream about going back to? A magical place to where you’d love to be whisked away?


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