Home Screen Round Up



With the change that has been brought about as a result of iOs 7, there has been much debate to its good and bad points. Some love, some hate, and some feel rather indifferent all together. Regardless of the numerous points that can be stated, the change is here to stay. And what better time to change up your homescreen than with a few of these beauties. Well, you don’t have to if you really really love your original wallpaper, but they’re still there for the taking if you so desire. To get the wallpapers, click on the images, which will take you to the main site where you will find your small dose of design.




Hope you’re having a wonderful day!


{please note that all artwork are owned by the respective sites and are for personal use only. I’m just here to share the love}

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Coffee Break


…and to think that it is Wednesday already and half the week has gone by. Perhaps that’s a good thing; it means that we are closer to the weekend and days filled with sleeping in our cocoons whilst the storm clouds loom dark overhead and the dew daintily sits upon the rugged grass.

You’ve made it through half the week already. Go treat yourself and take a little coffee break. You can download the quaint wallpaper above at right here.

-The Fine Duchess

Image (and link) by A Pair of Pears via How About Orange